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Privacy is critical to mass adoption of Open Finance

How Oasis Labs and the Oasis network can help expand adoption of DeFi and Open Finance


  • In Collateralized Lending, privacy can be an enabler: the privacy-preserving version of a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) can keep transactions private from whoever is not involved in the transaction, protecting the information around the actual participation of a company or individual in a system, and preventing manipulation such as front-running.
  • In Dark Pools, privacy can be a game-changer: money managers can protect their trades from the orderbook, hence preventing the competition from copying the strategy or the trade price to move as a result of the incoming signal.
  • For Stablecoins, privacy can solve the traceability-fungibility problem: a private stablecoin would enable businesses to protect their interests and relationships, which is key to large-scale business adoption.
  • Confidentiality of computation will protect developers from compliance issues: with more power moving from legal agreements to lines of code, the execution of programs within a secure and private environment will protect developers against potential compliance problems because of the guarantee that the data is exposed only to whoever is granted access to it.



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