May Newsletter

Friends of Oasis,

This month marked a number of product and technical releases for us and we’d love for you to test them out and send us your feedback. Send us your thoughts at or send us your questions here.

More info on what we’ve been up to below.

Oasis Dashboard

The Oasis Dashboard is our all-new developer portal, giving you a single place to view, configure, and deploy smart contracts.

Top features include:

  • Pre-made smart contracts to help you get started
  • Streamlined funding so you don’t have to hassle with MetaMask
  • Simple project management so you can quickly track DApp engagement
  • Integrated and easy-to-use block explorer.

For inspiration, here’s a simple tutorial of how to make a secret messaging app using a confidential smart contract and deploying it via the Oasis Dashboard.

Try it out

Blockchain-Flavored WASI

Oasis engineer Nick Hynes outlines a proposed mechanism for trustworthy, uncensorable, and autonomous cloud computation based on the combination of three emerging technologies: Web Assembly, the Web Assembly System Interface, and blockchain.

Read more in our blog post here and share your own thoughts in our RFC here.

Other recent platform updates and open sourcing include:

  • WASI-Runner: A module entry-point for instantiation and execution of WASI-targeted WASM code. A modification of the js-polyfill for easier use in testing / command line interactions.
  • Deoxys-II: An implementation of Deoxys-II-256–128 for Rust, Go, andJavaScript.
  • Serde-eth: a serde data format for the Ethereum ABI

Developer Spotlight: Kara

Read more about Kara in the latest MIT Technology Review. Kara is a health data application using the Oasis platform to retain the confidentiality of patient medical records. Kara allows patients to contribute their medical data to an AI system that can be trained to diagnose different diseases without ever actually accessing their personal details.

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#ICYMI: Our latest news and events

Check out some of our most recent press and talks.

Upcoming Events

A special thanks as well to everyone who came our event at Consensus! Was great to see some familiar faces and meet new folks as well! Check out all future events — either that we’re hosting or will be at — here.

We’re Hiring

Come join our team and help build the future of data privacy technology. If you like midday walks, views of the bay, and in-house espresso, you’ll fit right in.