Oasis Newsletter, December 2018

Use cases, new videos, and more

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Friends of Oasis Labs,

As the year comes to an end, we’re thankful for your support, engagement, active feedback, and all the exciting new use cases and applications you’re building on the Devnet!

As we look ahead, we believe 2019 will be the year of privacy. We expect to see increased user demand for data privacy, new privacy-focused regulations, and technological advancements that enable new privacy-first applications. We’ll be sharing more of our thoughts on this topic in the coming months.

Now, for some updates…

The Oasis Devnet is now LIVE
The Oasis Devnet, the newest version of our platform, launched last month! It includes many first-of-their-kind features and tools to help developers build and test privacy-preserving smart contracts. These include new Confidentiality Frameworks, Contract Kit, support for Rust, Ethereum backwards compatibility, and much more.

Since the release of the Devnet, we’ve seen users begin to investigate and develop applications focused on use cases including:

  • Data marketplaces
  • Credit scoring
  • Privacy-preserving analytics for healthcare
  • Secure and confidential supply chain management
  • Secret polling and voting

And for those just getting started, we’ve also heard from many developers that our Secret Voting DApp, and Rust Smart Contracts tutorials are a good way to test and learn more about the Oasis Devnet.

Highlights from our Devnet Office Hours
To share even more about the Oasis Devnet, our CTO Raymond and CPO Noah hosted the first Oasis Office Hours. Check out top highlights and a full video recording.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see future videos. Expect additional tutorials, talks, and office hours soon.

Keystone open-sources secure enclave framework
This month, the Keystone Project, an academic initiative led by researchers from UC Berkeley and MIT including our very own Dawn Song, open-sourced its secure enclave framework. Secure enclaves are one of many secure computing techniques Oasis Labs uses to deploy privacy-preserving smart contracts.

Read more about what Keystone’s open sourcing means for Oasis and check out the code directly.

Where in the world is Oasis?

We’re Hiring
We’re growing fast and looking for talented people with a passion for blockchain, family dinners, champagne sabers, and hackathons on the regular. Top roles include:

A few good articles and videos published this month:

  • CEO Dawn Song talking blockchain and privacy at the Scalar Capital Summit
Dawn Song: “As a community it’s important to educate users that blockchain by itself does not provide privacy. That’s why we need to develop new technologies to develop privacy-preserving technologies on blockchain.”
  • CPO Noah Johnson’s talk at Devcon4

For more information about Oasis Labs email us at info@oasislabs.com. And you can sign up for our newsletter at www.oasislabs.com/community.