Introducing the Oasis Devnet

Starting today, developers can access the latest version of our platform, the Oasis Devnet. The Oasis Devnet includes many first-of-their-kind features and tools to help developers build and test privacy-preserving smart contracts.

This is an important step for our community and team that would not be possible without our early testnet developers. They’ve brought us amazing use cases, invaluable feedback and affirmed our goal of creating a privacy-first platform. Thank you to those who have helped with this!

This is the first release of the Oasis Devnet. We plan to release updated versions as we add major features and tools in the future.

What is the Oasis Devnet?
The Oasis Devnet is the latest version of our platform built specifically for developers. We’ve created an environment for developers to test and build on the Oasis platform including new features to help developers of all kinds work on applications never before capable on blockchain.

While this is just the beginning, we have a number of unique features to help developers build privacy-preserving smart contracts. Top features include:

  • Confidentiality Frameworks: Our confidentiality frameworks are the first-of-their-kind in blockchain protocols. They include libraries to develop and interact with confidential smart contracts, a new model for smart contracts in which data and state are secret and transactions are sent over an end-to-end encrypted channel.
  • Support for Rust: The Oasis Devnet supports smart contracts in Rust, a general-purpose language that offers flexibility when writing smart contracts. Developers using Rust can take advantage of the rich set of libraries that we will soon make available, including libraries for machine learning, games, and more.
  • Contract Kit: The Oasis Contract Kit is a toolkit to help write and test smart contracts locally before they’re deployed on-chain. Contract Kit supports development in both Rust and Solidity.
  • Ethereum backwards compatibility: Oasis is backwards compatible with Ethereum, enabling the easy migration of existing Ethereum contracts to Oasis with minimal changes. You can also build on the Oasis Devnet using existing Ethereum tools such as Truffle and Metamask.
  • Resources and tutorials: Based on feedback from our earliest adopters and developers, we’re providing new tutorials and sample code, making it even easier for developers to learn about our platform and start building quickly. Top tutorials and documentation include lessons in smart contract development and how to build a secret voting DApp.

The Oasis Devnet is intended for development purposes. It is designed to enable developers to begin building privacy-preserving applications using our tools and frameworks. Although most of the functionality for confidentiality is already supported, our Devnet is still in beta and we don’t recommend storing sensitive information at this time. We will keep you updated once this changes.

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What’s next? Read our new non-technical primer to learn more!
We’re building a privacy-first cloud computing platform on blockchain –– and the Devnet is a key milestone to get there.

When complete, our platform will enable computationally complex and privacy-preserving applications, empower developers looking for better solutions to use and store data, and foster the creation of new applications that couldn’t otherwise be built.

To learn more about our technology and our approach in non-technical terms, read our new primer.

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