Oasis Labs February newsletter

Friends of Oasis Labs,

Happy February — we hope your year is off to a good start. A few updates to keep you busy on the Oasis Devnet, get you up to speed on all things Oasis, and highlights in the world of data privacy below.

New Features for the Oasis Devnet: Available next week

Next week the Devnet is getting an upgrade with some new features including:

Store data however long (or short) you want
Storing data on a blockchain network can be expensive — especially when you’re using large datasets for a limited time (think: ML training sets). As data lovers ourselves, we feel you!

That’s why we’ve added auto-expiration, letting you set time limits for how long contracts and their associated data are stored on the network.

Oasis Storage API for Rust smart contracts
Our new Oasis Storage API is designed to make storing data easier for smart contracts developed in Rust.

This API lets you create and use large byte arrays for greater flexibility when storing and retrieving data.

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The more you know

This month, we’ve shared a number of new blog posts about specific features of the Oasis Devnet, why we think they’re important, and what use cases we think they can enable.

In case you’ve missed them, check out our Devnet Deep Dive series including:

And if you’re interested in getting started on the Oasis Devnet and looking for some tips, check out these easy-to-follow video tutorials on topics including:


Check out some of the latest talks we’ve given as well as some articles about what we’re working on:

We’re Hiring

We just moved to a beautiful new office in San Francisco and have some major roles (and desk space) to fill. Check them out and this too could be your view every day (or some days if you work remotely).

Working hard in San Francisco

More on Data Privacy

  • In a Pew Research Center survey, the team found that the majority of Americans were both unaware and uncomfortable with the type of information Facebook captures.
  • In a new report, Accenture argues that over the next few years, “companies will give consumers more control over their data, privacy, and how they interact with products and services.”
  • In January, federal privacy legislation was introduced in the US Senate. Now it’s really becoming a question of when rather than if Congress will take action. Meanwhile the State of Washington could follow California as the next state to pass legislation.

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