Oasis Labs joins the Confidential Computing Consortium

Oasis joins the CCC as a founding member along with Google, Intel, Alibaba, VMware and more.

Anne Fauvre-Willis
Oct 19 · 2 min read

This week we’re excited to share the news that we’ve joined the all-new Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC)!

The CCC is a Linux Foundation project and community dedicated to defining and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing. In addition to Oasis Labs, founding members include Alibaba, Arm, Google Cloud, Huawei, Intel, Microsoft and Red Hat, Tencent and VMware among others.

Select founding members of the CCC. For a full list click here.

This is among the very first industry-wide initiatives to address data in use, as current security approaches largely focus on data at rest or data in transit. The goal of the organization is to address data in use, enabling encrypted data to be processed in memory without exposing it to the rest of the system, reducing exposure to sensitive data and providing greater control and transparency for users.

As a cloud computing platform dedicated to privacy-first applications, joining the CCC is incredibly aligned to our own goals and aspirations as a company — and more importantly as a group of academics and technologists passionate about giving users back control of their data.

We’re really looking forward to working with the CCC members and the Linux Foundation more on this important topic. We think the CCC will not only help to drive towards a new technological standard but also help foster and grow a community of researchers, technicians and practitioners passionate about confidential compute.

Some resources if you’d like to read more about the CCC and it’s primary objectives:

Learn more about Oasis Labs at www.oasislabs.com or join our community slack to ask us questions directly.

Anne Fauvre-Willis

Written by

@OasisLabs and contributor to the #OasisProtocol; former Apple / iPhone product marketer & Madeleine K. Albright staffer

Oasis Labs

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