Towards an open-source Secure Enclave, Part II

Today, the Keystone Project, an academic initiative led by researchers from UC Berkeley and MIT including Oasis CEO Dawn Song, open-sourced its secure enclave framework.

Secure enclaves are one of many secure computing techniques Oasis Labs utilizes to enable privacy-preserving smart contracts. While this technology is available in some present-day chipsets, including Intel SGX and ARM TrustZone, Keystone is the first open-source enclave technology available for broader use.

Open-sourced secure enclaves are important for a number of reasons including:

  1. Enabling easier and broader adoption of secure enclave technology across all chipset manufacturers.
  2. Allowing the community to openly evaluate and improve on the system.
  3. Providing the ability to understand the impact of problems when they are found, and evaluate the consequences of the fix publicly.
  4. Taking advantage of the growing set of tools for formal verification, which will enable formal proofs of correctness and security.

For more about Keystone and secure enclaves: