Oath Protocol Announces Token Sale - First IEO on LBank Exchange

We have promised — Now we deliver!

Oath Protocol Team
Apr 9, 2019 · 4 min read

Today — we are excited to share huge news with you: the launch of the Oath Protocol token sale on the LBank Exchange — the very first of its kind. LBank recently announced to provide Initial Exchange Offerings and determined Oath Protocol to be the very first project of choice.

IEO Details

  • Exchange: LBank
  • IEO Cap: US $2M
  • Exchange KYC required
  • Token Price: 1 OATH = US $0.0014
  • Discounted 30% off private sale
  • IEO Date: April 11th, 9PM (UTC+8)
  • Individual Contribution Cap: US $600

Oath Protocol: Crowdsourced Decision-Making

Our core vision is to create a decentralised and fair decision-maker, composed of the community, that resolves major problems in various use case scenarios.
In 2018, we applied this logic to develop a decentralised arbitration layer and dispute resolution protocol for the blockchain space. During this time, we discovered that our solution can be expanded and applied to help traditional internet companies and market research institutes lower the cost while massively increasing efficiency. This also includes algorithmic training, where our users get rewarded for sharing their opinion/expertise on a certain topic of interest.

We thus recently announced our 2019 strategy where we see our core value as a highly competitive and much more accurate and productive solution that brings disruptive potentials.

Our excitement about this new focus lays in the application of blockchain technology for real world use cases in traditional businesses and resolves a massive problem whilst enhancing fairness and transparency — fully compliant to the ideology of blockchain.

Benefits of Initial Exchange Offerings

The number one mission of Oath for 2019 is user acquisition and project awareness. After winning Slush China 2018 and several other competitions around Asia and beyond, we consider an IEO as the ideal timing and way to boost global awareness and popularity. Furthermore, IEO’s help innovative blockchain startups to raise funds and thus accelerate the further project development.

LBank — Solid Exchange with Target Audience

In the upper part of this article, we stated why LBank chose Oath.
Now, we explain why we chose LBank: As a world-known crypto exchange with a steady growing user-base and enhancing infrastructure, LBank has proved to be capable of playing the Champions League of exchanges. In addition, we expect an immense boost in Oath-users, as both user-bases are comparable.

IEO Features

After the IEO which occurs on April 11th 9PM (UTC+8), we are launching a brand new Bounty campaign as we promised to our loyal Community a few weeks ago. The new program will contain a jury-referral competition where the winner can earn up to 100.000 Oath tokens on top! Note that only kyc-passed jurors count as successfully recruited. Make sure you sign up as a juror today so you are ready and set to get started right away. In addition to that, we are working on new use cases where you can earn even more rewards for resolving conflicts or simply sharing your opinion on a certain case/topic.

NEW Bounty Campaign Preparation Summary

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Watch out for further Announcements…
Our Business Development Team is working hard to conclude additional partnerships that give us more traction and exposure — watch out for that. We recommend you follow us on social media and join our Telegram group chat to always stay up-to-date and not miss any news.

In the meanwhile, make sure you check out our pilot project with real world use cases for counterfeit identification with our partners from simplyBrand.

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Oath Protocol

Chain-agnostic dispute resolution and governance protocol that facilitates fair, robust, and transparent community decisionmaking

Oath Protocol Team

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Governance & dispute resolution protocol for decentralized, effective, and efficient community decisionmaking. www.oaths.io

Oath Protocol

Chain-agnostic dispute resolution and governance protocol that facilitates fair, robust, and transparent community decisionmaking

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