Oath Protocol Enters Strategic Partnership with Conflux

Exciting News to share: Oath and Conflux partner up!

The Partnership

Oath and Conflux are committed to develop of a high-performance public-chain infrastructure that is fully functional across business applications with a fair and decentralised community governance model. Oath will implement its crowd-sourced decision-making protocol on Conflux in order to improve, secure and decentralise the entire ecosystem whilst jointly exploring further tech-solutions for the Oath platform.

Conflux’ unique Technology to Resolve the “Trilemma”

Conflux is a State-of-the-Art public blockchain system that enables high TPS without sacrificing decentralization or safety, while ensuring extensibility by using a novel consensus algorithm. Conflux is equipped with an elite core team, most of whom are prominent and renowned scientists/researchers affiliated to top-grade research organizations, specializing in distributed system, programming language, cyber security, cryptography and beyond. 
Up to now, Conflux has attracted attentions and affluent funding from top VCs globally, amongst Sequoia China, Huobi capital, Metastable, IMO Ventures and Shunwei Capital.

Additional Partnership Endeavours

While fully focussing on developing great products, both parties are committed to collaborate from different perspectives such as Community endeavours and meetup-organization. Conflux is also Sponsor of Consensus 2019 in New York — in case you are around, do not hesitate to directly engage with the team at the conference and learn more about the technology as their test-net was rolled out in April. Make sure you get connected to the Conflux Team via Telegram and follow on Twitter upfront to not miss any update and progress of the project.

Oath Bounty and Next Steps

In this context, we are happy to invite the Conflux Community to sign up as an Oath Juror and contribute to establish a fair decision-making for the blockchain space and the community. In our brand new campaign, you receive 100 OATH tokens welcome bonus for signing up, 500 more for passing the KYC and 100 per each friend that signs up through your individual referral code. The user who achieves the most referrals can win up 100.000 Oath tokens on Top. 
In this sense: Happy Referring!

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