Taking the time to make something you could easily buy rewards you with realisation. It’s not about the thing in itself, it’s about the process, the making. Slowing it all down, taking the scenic route, doing one thing for a while.

The wool is chosen, touched, felt. It is woven deliberately into knots along the needles that gently tick and slide against each other. The colour emerges more fully as you knit. The repetitive motions calm the mind and relax it enough for you to see what is important. Some space for feelings to emerge, finally, from the heavy rubble of a busy life. Quiet time alone to contemplate the things that matter. Stretches of time to slowly make. A gentle focus appeases you.

As the wool slides between your fingers, your work inches towards completion. A feeling of warmth as you inspect your work. A hint of sadness as well. Time well spent, etched out in the noisy world. The slow path is pretty, full of meaning and space to exist. There is happiness in those moments and a slow sustained brightness that glows inside you.

When you receive a handmade jumper, it is made of a deep and thoughtful love. You have been coddled in every stitch, through every moment of making. When you make these things for others, you allow your love for someone the space and respect it needs to run deep.

There you will find the seeds of a fulfilled life.

From the curated collection “Items for meaningful life”