#1: The Doorway

There are quite a number of objects in this photo, I’ll admit. However, let us focus on the doorway at the centre, and see where it leads.

What is a doorway? Well, it’s always fun to start with a definition, so let’s go to Google.

[ˈdôrwā] noun: an entrance to a room or building through a door.

Okay, so that’s a bit of a let down in terms of interesting, alternative definitions. Yet doorways hold such strong symbolism in our culture, that this definition truly does not do the object justice.

Doorways, in their most basic sense, hold the association that they are an entrance into another room or building. They are not simply entrances, but an exit from an old situation. Doorways suggest new chances, new experiences, new hopes.

There is, of course, a tendency to see them in the idyllic view, ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ view. What makes a new room or building so much better than the one that you’re leaving? Because it is new, different. When faced with difficulties, something new and different and separate can seem so much better than to face the current and the old.

Yet sometimes it is time to enter through that new doorway. We cannot stay in the same room forever.

What if the doorway leads not to a room or a building, but to the outside? What if it is a doorway to exit all contained buildings and rooms? The associations and the metaphors build and grow, and a doorway is one hell of a metaphor.

However, in this photo, there is not only a doorway. There is also a hallway in which one must first walk down to reach the door. Put pathways and doorways together and the metaphors start to multiply and merge.

This blog is our account of walking down this hallway. As we walk, we pause and consider the many objects. We turn around. We notice other, smaller doorways that lead off from this hallway, into other rooms which eventually lead us back out into the original hallway, and onto the path towards the light.

Ah, that light. It adds a warm, cosy feel to the photograph. It becomes a hallway of sanctuary, enclosed and safe, while being warmed by the outside light of the sun.

When we finally reach the end of this hallway, open the door, and step into the light, what will happen next? Will the blog end?

We don’t know. We cannot know until we reach it.

But as we head down this path, as we take our time and observe, remember that while the known is cosy and safe, on the other side of that door is a new space. From the sunlight, we can see that it is no room or building through that doorway, but outside. And outside, we may find all varieties of new objects with which to admire and perceive and spend a few hours considering.

There’s a whole new world of objects out there, but we have to get there first. When we reach that doorway, and view it up close, we will have a whole different perception of it as an object.

So let us begin the walk.

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