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4 steps to automate eSignatures in any document and improve tracking with Pipefy

The following four steps can be inserted into any business process that requires a signature and allows you to sign any PDF document regardless of the format — no template is required.

Core Steps:

  1. Attach the document to be signed
  2. Fill signing parties’ email and mobile
  3. Wait for the parties to sign
  4. All done… the fully signed document is attached to the card and you can trigger the next action

Using Pipefy to orchestrate this process gives us immediate visibility on what is where and for how long things are staying on each stage. No more having to worry about keeping on top of your email to figure out what’s going on. This is especially important if you have a large volume of documents to manage and a busy inbox.

Finally, once you have a signed document, this can automatically trigger the next steps in your process ensuring that things are moving forward and your stakeholders feel confident that you are on top of the process.

For example, in a job offer process, the new hire will receive a copy of the signed document as soon as all parties sign. You may also decide to send a welcome message immediately after the signatures are completed and trigger their onboarding process with IT and HR right away, without delays.

With a simple workflow as shown below, you can manage and guide the execution of the process to ensure its timeliness and repeatability, no matter who is doing it.

🙋🏻‍♀️ If you are interested in a demo on how to use eSignatures with Pipefy and make a real improvement to your workflow — just book our calendar here.




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