Break It Until You Make It

Joro Yordanov
Dec 29, 2018 · 2 min read

2018 update

🚀Oblik here, do you copy? All engines running

This year was an important one for our company. We went through a lot of challenges but together we managed to overcome every single one of them and get the very maximum of the obstacles down the road.

Our Art Director and dear friend Kamen Kamenov decided to pursue new work challenges and left the company in June. We are delighted that he was part of Oblik Studio and wish him the best of luck in his new adventures. In the meantime, we are thrilled to welcome on board our new Art Director. You will find out more about her and her work in 2019.

Hristiyan Dodov has joined the team as a Full-Stack Developer. Our entire team is grateful to have such a talented and motivated developer and friend! We’re more than thankful to him for the amazing work he has done for Mission Emission project in the last couple of months!

We are also pleased to announce a new partnership that we started with Krassimir Dobrev, a great friend and extremely experienced social media marketing professional.

Our company has welcomed several other professionals who are ready to kick off new projects in 2019. In addition to that, we have decided to change the cores of the studio. Starting in 2019 we are going to focus more on products and working solutions for companies and society.

Considering all of the changes that we have taken on in 2018, we have decided to completely destroy our current website while working on the new one. The site is currently under construction — our hearts are on a mission to reduce emissions, our minds are looking into many new exciting adventures.

Last but not least we want to say big thank you to all the amazing people that have believed in our crazy ideas and have been working hard every day to make them happen.

Stay tuned for all of the new studio projects that are coming in 2019. Happy New Year to everyone!

Joro & Dimitar

—Oblik Studio

Oblik Studio

a cross-disciplinary design studio and the people behind it

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Oblik Studio

a cross-disciplinary design studio and the people behind it

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