Justin George’s First Story at the Marshall Project Published

The Marshall Project recently published 2015–16 O’Brien Fellow Justin George’s first article since his start at the outlet. The piece is a narrative told to George by Cheryl Hayes, a mother whose son was shot to death while leaving for work from their Chicago home two years ago. The homicide, like many others in the city recently, remains unsolved.

Hayes recalls and George writes: “It just haunts me that I couldn’t keep my child safe. I don’t even know how many times Anthony was shot, and I’m not sure I want to. All I know is that there were about 11 bullet holes in the car. You can actually count them if you pull that picture up from the news photo on the Internet. I pulled it up for the first time this year. It was the first time I could actually look at it.”

Hayes was also featured in George’s O’Brien Fellowship project Shoot to Kill, and she spoke on a panel at the 2016 O’Brien Fellowship conference.

Read the rest of George’s first article from The Marshall Project.

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