Latest O’Brien Report Published from Spivack’s “State Secrets” Series

Miranda Spivack speaking alongside other O’Brien Fellows on a panel at the 2015 O’Brien Fellowship conference.

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) and Newsday recently published another installment of 2015–15 O’Brien Fellow Miranda Spivack’s “State Secrets” series focusing on governmental transparency.

The latest article, “Keeping public information private,” makes the case that the “national media has focused on federal failures to disclose” records that should be available — and that “state and local secrecy is growing, the result of tight budgets, a decline in local news coverage and increased outsourcing of government functions.”

Spivack writes: “For years, the national media has focused on federal failures to disclose public information. The Obama administration was roundly criticized for failing to live up to early promises of greater government transparency. And today, there’s scant evidence that President Donald Trump’s administration will be any better.”

Two of the series articles — one on how states keep accident prone roads secret and another on the privacy of cop camera footage — were published by CIR in December. The website also published Spivack’s report, “How private contractors are taking over data in the public domain,” in January.

Read more from Spivack’s work with the O’Brien Fellowship at Marquette.

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