Looking Back at HQ’s 2015

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As we look back at 2015, there are different ways to evaluate how we did. Revenue, profit margin, projects, reviews, and so forth are all important metrics. From a numbers standpoint, HQ did well. The business is healthy and profitable and we’re grateful that we’re financially able to run the sort of business we want to run.

But I’m sure when Matt and I look back at HQ twenty-five or fifty years from now, we won’t spend much time thinking about achieved revenue or profit goals. We’ll look back at the people and how we felt while working.

The biggest measure of success for us, is how much we positively affected people.

Did we help our coworkers live happier and more satisfying lives? Did we enable them to be better people and provide for the their families and grow in their careers?

Did we treat our clients fairly and with respect? Did we do our best to improve their business and product?

Did we enjoy work? Were we proud of what we made? Was HQ a vehicle to make us and those around us happier?

These are questions that we will reflect on and focus on for the next year. For 2015, I think we can often answer positively. There is always room to be better.

HQ is a year older. We feel equal parts that HQ is coming into its own and that we’re still making things up as we go.

A special call out to Kalden, Jason, and Cole. They’ve been with us for three years and have majorly influential in shaping HQ into what it is now:

We’ve welcomed some new faces: Courtney, Tucker, Jordan, Daniel, and Tyler:

We’ve seen friends move on to other opportunities. We’re sincerely happy for them and wish them luck where they are now (they don’t need luck though, they’re awesome).

While HQ is growing older and more experienced, but we’re still young. We are passionate about what we do and hungry to be better.

2015 was a great year for HQ. I’m really proud of the work we did for awesome clients. We focused on creating a happy work environment (unless everyone lied on their TinyPulse results ;). People that moved from HQ still keep in touch. Coworkers supported each other during hard times. Team members became better developers, designers, and project managers.

Enough words, see 2015 in review in picture format.

2016 will be great. As Jay Z said, on to the next one.