This Year I Will Avoid Deals

I want my mind my to be turned off by deals.

The natural response to a good deal is “Oooh. I want that. Think of all the money I would save.” Instead, I want my response to be “That thing caught my attention. Oh, but it’s on sale. That’s too bad, now I want it less.”


Overall, deals make me lose money, not save money. If I were to refuse buying anything on sale for a year, my net money would be higher. Yes, I would lose out of some savings for certain items, but I would buy less items on the whole.

In one scenario I buy ten items for $100 each, *all* of which I get on sale for 30% off. I spend only $700 for $1000 value. Great job me, right?

But only five of those items are things I would have bought regardless of whether they were on sale or not. Do I really need those five extra things I found a good deal on? Are they adding happiness to my life or adding clutter and guilt for lack of use?

In the other scenario I only buy the five items I really need or love at full price. I spend $500. I have an extra $200 and less clutter.

But what if I only buy the five items and find them on sale? Isn’t that the best scenario?

Maybe not. If I could trick my mind, it could be.

The thing is, I value more what I spend more money on. It isn’t logical, but it’s how my brain is wired. If I buy two pairs of pants, one for $100 and one for $30, I will wear the $100 pair more. The more I spend, the more perceived value there is. Often, higher priced items are better, though this is not always true. But my mind usually thinks it is.

So, I end up using the five items at full price more often. I value them more. By having less options (five items instead of ten) I appreciate them more.

So this next year I will avoid sales. Less sales means less impulse purchases. Less sales means less purchases overall. It means less stuff and more money in my pocket.

Deals aren’t bad, my purchasing mindset is. I need rewiring.

If I am already planning on buying something and I find it on sale, great. But sales won’t be the determining factor on whether I buy something. Instead, I will simply buy less stuff, and only buy what I really love or need.