Growing Growth at Obvious

Recommitting to our purpose while increasing our capabilities

Vishal Vasishth
Sep 16, 2020 · 3 min read
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Our purpose at Obvious Ventures is to invest in entrepreneurs reimagining trillion-dollar sectors through a world positive lens. We believe that the most successful companies of our time will utilize breakthrough technologies to solve systemic problems in a profitable and scalable way. Since the firm’s inception seven years ago, we’ve been multi-stage, thematic investors focused on three key pillars: Sustainable Systems, Healthy Living, and People Power.

It’s humbling to reflect on the wholesale transformations that Obvious portfolio companies are driving within massive sectors, today and into the near future.

In healthcare, they are reversing chronic diseases like type two diabetes with clinical validation, building businesses on entirely new models that deliver better outcomes for patients, and exponentially accelerating drug discovery. In food, Obvious portfolio companies are reimagining our entire system — products, distribution, marketplaces, and more — to be plant-forward, local, fresh, organic, and accessible. In transportation, these entrepreneurs are electrifying entire systems with step-change innovations in fleet charging and management, buses and heavy-duty vehicle battery technology, and emission-free flight. In energy, they are accelerating the ramp of clean, renewable sources accessible to consumers and businesses through finance, installation tools for SMBs, and virtual power plants. And they are transforming industrial operations across sectors, bioengineering petrochemical-free materials the world has never seen and deploying robots with human-like dexterity that free us from dull, dirty, dangerous jobs.

The list of trillion-dollar transformations goes on.

While we have worked with many of these companies since their inception, we have always supported change-making entrepreneurs throughout their entire journey. As multi-stage investors, we have backed a number of category-defining companies — like Proterra and Beyond Meat — in their early growth stages. We intend to continue this strategy, in close concert with all our early-stage investing, by increasing our emerging growth capabilities.

Which brings me to Tina Hoang-To.

Today we are thrilled to welcome Tina as a Partner. Tina, like the rest of us at Obvious, identifies as a product designer and company operator first. Among her many achievements, she previously founded and served as CEO of Wedding Spot, the first online marketplace to offer instant price quotes for wedding venues across 43 states in the United States. As CEO, Tina provided strategic direction for the company in the areas of revenue growth, market expansion, customer acquisition, and product development until its acquisition by Cvent.

Tina is also a proven investor. She brings with her growth investing experience from TCV, where she served as Executive Vice President and was involved in deals like Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK), Merkle (acquired by Dentsu), and Modsy.

Most importantly, she deeply shares the Obvious worldview that the most valuable companies of our time will be the ones solving humanity’s biggest problems. More on her perspective here.

Please join me in welcoming Tina as the newest member of the Obvious investing team!

Obvious Ventures


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