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Obvious Hits Our Prime With $461M Raise

Today we’re announcing the raise of two new Obvious funds, which combine to $461M of new capital:

4We’ve completed the fundraise for our fourth flagship early-stage fund, Obvious Ventures IV.

6 In addition, we raised our second opportunity fund, Obvious Prime II, bringing our total number of funds to six.

1 As we enter our eighth year as a firm, we’re hitting our prime with total assets under management surpassing $1.11 billion.

461 is our new favorite prime number!

But wait there’s more. Let’s take a closer look into our two new funds:

OV4 ($355,111,553) and OP2 ($106,111,601) are both palindromic primes. Fun fact — all palprimes (except the number 11) have an odd number of digits, and we’re certainly known for our odd fund sizes!

We chose primes because our focus on driving financial returns is indivisible from our purpose to fund world positive solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges. We are humbled and thankful for our growing network of limited partners that believed in our purpose and invested in these new funds.

Thanks to the amazing teams we have backed, we have a growing set of proof points around our core belief that companies building transformative solutions to the systemic environmental and social challenges of our time can deliver both profit and purpose. Here’s a sample of the Obvious portfolio companies that have completed public offerings or acquisitions in the last few years:

  • Electrifying internal combustion engines and supercharging EV infrastructure with Proterra (NASDAQ: PTRA), Lilium (NASDAQ: LILM), and Amply Power (acquired by bp, NYSE: BP).
  • Accelerating the consumer adoption of clean energy power sources and more with Inspire Clean Energy (acquired by Shell, NYSE: SHEL).
  • Accelerating the drug discovery process with Recursion Pharma (NASDAQ: RXRX).
  • Empowering overlooked and underrepresented communities with better financial tools with One Finance (acquired by Hazel, which is backed by Walmart, NYSE: WMT).
  • Harnessing space imaging to make our industrial systems radically more transparent with Planet (NYSE: PL) and unlocking biological manufacturing for a more sustainable tomorrow with Zymergen (NASDAQ: ZY).

Our world positive approach has remained consistent over the life of Obvious, with our conviction deepening across these three pillars:

Sustainable Systems

Investing in climate technologies decarbonizing the global economy and industrial technologies that reduce carbon, increase safety, or reduce waste.

Healthy Living

Backing healthcare startups building personalized, tech-enabled products for better patient outcomes at lower cost, and food and wellness entrepreneurs creating consumer products designed to promote human and planetary health.

People Power

Supporting fintech companies that improve financial health, resiliency, and empowerment for individuals and SMBs, and work products that help individuals and SMBs maximize their potential.

Lastly, in service of our mission we’re recruiting to expand our investment team in both junior and senior positions. If our world positive thesis resonates with you, please drop us a line at talent@obvious.com!



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