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Menopause meets its match with Womaness

1.1 billion women are expected to be postmenopausal by 2025, representing over $600 billion in market opportunity. These numbers have been overlooked by traditional consumer products and beauty companies for…well, forever.

We’re excited that this is finally changing in a big way, and even more so to announce our investment in Womaness.

Womaness co-founders Michelle Jacobs & Sally Mueller

Launching today, Womaness is aiming to spark a “Menopositivity movement” starting with a collection of modern menopause products. The company is the first line of defense against perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, from hot flashes to brain fog, fine lines to vaginal dryness, low libido to bladder leaks.

Womaness was co-founded by Sally Mueller (CEO) and Michelle Jacobs (COO), two seasoned CPG executives who together realized that 50+ million women in the U.S. are not only unfamiliar with the symptoms of menopause, but how to treat them (with most women experiencing at least 2–3 symptoms for an average of 10 years). Following our success with Olly and Welly, the Obvious team is thrilled to partner with Sally and Michelle to help build an omni-channel brand that defines this new category with inspired and efficacious products.

Between her 23 years at Target and serving as Chief Brand Officer of companies like Clique Brands, Sally’s strong marketing acumen, product development experience, and industry relationships are second to none. Both she and Michelle (Giggle, Time Inc., and Pfizer) understand both consumer needs and today’s fast-moving, multi-channel retail waters. Most importantly, they have their eyes set on the north star of what the company could represent — a movement:

“Womaness is taking the ‘pause’ out of menopause and sparking the power of Menopositivity.”

Womaness is launching a family of products that include supplements, feminine care and sexual health, and skincare for face and body. The full lineup is currently available directly on their site and is coming soon to major retail stores nationwide.

Sally and Michelle’s leadership with Womaness marks yet another positive shift toward what we call Good For You Goods, resulting in a new, more considered consumer culture defined by built-to-last brands. We continue to be big believers in omni-channel businesses like Womaness that are reimagining categories — especially overlooked ones like menopause — to better meet consumer demand in healthy, sustainable ways.

“It’s time to let the world in on a secret. Women in midlife are the coolest, smartest, most interesting women we know, and they deserve a place. That place is Womaness.” — Michelle Jacobs, Womaness Co-Founder & COO

The secret is indeed out, and Womaness is in!



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