The Inspiring Purpose of Incredible Health

Helping healthcare professionals find and do their best work

James Joaquin
Sep 12 · 3 min read

We first met Iman Abuzeid at the fourth NFX Guild Demo Day in March 2017. Her startup, Incredible Health, was a fledgling marketplace idea with a huge mission: help nurses find and do their best work.

Iman has a lot of distance traveled in the world of healthcare. She received her MD in London, subsequently focusing on systemic healthcare challenges with stints at Booz & Co., the Harvard School of Public Health, and McKinsey & Co. After moving to the U.S. and completing her MBA at Wharton, she went to work at a clinical-grade mobile health startup. That’s where she met her Incredible Health co-founder Rome Portlock, an experienced, MIT-trained software engineer.

Iman Abuzeid (CEO) and Rome Portlock (CTO)

Iman and Rome impressed the Obvious Ventures team with their clear mission: to solve the healthcare staffing crisis with a delightful customer experience for both nurses and hospital administrators. We obviously got excited about the company when we led the Incredible Health Seed financing and I joined the Board of Directors back in June 2017.

My partner Vishal has previously written about our thesis behind Purpose-Driven Marketplaces. Incredible Health is a perfect example, with an authentic purpose at the core of what they do every day.

Today, the company is already the fastest growing healthcare career marketplace for permanent positions. They’ve done this through an authentic focus on helping nurses and healthcare pros. Nurses love it because interview requests and job offers come right to them. Hospitals love it because they only see vetted, qualified candidates — and hire those candidates three times faster than their previous efforts using legacy job boards and traditional recruiting agencies.

Iman and Rome practice what they preach, and have done an amazing job attracting great talent at the company. The founders’ authentic dedication to purpose has been a key advantage closing teammates who truly resonate with Incredible Health’s mission.

Today’s news of a $15M Series A financing led by Jeff Jordan at Andreessen Horowitz is an excellent milestone for Incredible Health. As the company expands nationally and rolls out new services, they continue to be driven by their founding north-star purpose: help nurses find and do their best work.

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James Joaquin

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#worldpositive investor @ Obvious Ventures (and the former CEO @ Xmarks, Xoom, & Ofoto)

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