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The Nue Toolkit for Mental Health Management

Announcing our Series A Investment in Nue Life

The Nue Life leadership team.

At Obvious, we have long believed that the next great consumer company will be a health-focused platform. With next generation applications already reimagining everything from the way we order our groceries to how we get around, few consumer categories embody the opportunity for societal transformation more than the way we manage our mental health.

Americans have spent a reported $240 billion on mental health management in recent years. Almost 50% of Americans experience mental illness during their lifetime, and the US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has increasingly sounded the alarm about this emerging public health crisis.

Today’s treatments are insufficient. Antidepressants, the most popular and traditional intervention, have a 60% remission failure rate, highlighting the need for better, longer lasting alternatives. That’s why we’re excited to announce our Series A investment in Nue Life, an emerging leader in the next generation of mental health management.

Nue Life is creating a new paradigm for mental wellness — one focused on healing the root cause of suffering, rather than simply masking symptoms. A growing number of studies have shown that the use of ketamine, among other psychedelic compounds, can fill the gaps where antidepressants have historically fallen short given their ability to calm the mind, alleviate pain, and promote the regrowth of lost neural connections.

By marrying sublingual ketamine, digital applications, diagnostic platforms, and biometric devices, Nue Life is cutting broader system costs while improving both patient experiences and their associated health outcomes.

With strong track records in AI and ML development, Nue Life’s founding team is incorporating digital phenotyping as part of their offering. Looking ahead, we’re incrementally excited about the company’s potential to build out a broader suite of solutions that better meet the needs of consumers wherever they are in their mental health journey.

Nue Life brings together a team of clinicians, technologists, patients, and researchers who we are excited to partner with in our unified mission.

Co-founder and CEO Juan Pablo Cappello’s founding journey comes from rich lived experience, having been inspired at a young age by his Chilean grandmother’s work with plant medicine and indigenous traditions. Cappello, a licensed lawyer and seasoned startup executive with multiple exits under his belt, spent the past 20 years supporting psychedelic research before transitioning into psychedelics full time at Nue Life.

Cappello is joined by co-founder and CTO Demian Bellumio who most recently served as Global Vice President of Augmented Intelligence of NEORIS, a leading global consultancy where he focused AI applications and human-centric interfaces. Bellumio previously led Accenture’s Knowledge Graph Center of Excellence within the Data Business Group of Accenture Technology.

Cappello and Bellumio are supported by a deep bench of employees and advisors, and we’re excited to work with them on growing the team as they expand from their footprint nationally over the coming months.

Learn more about Nue Life’s mission, vision, and offerings here.



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