Lifting Up

Technology alone does not bring about meaningful change—people do. Technology can help.

Making change happen is not about following gurus, it’s about paying attention, and it’s about mindfulness. You don't need software to be more mindful, but it can help. Lift is a mobile application that helps anyone achieve any goal. The unlimited potential of humanity to improve on both an individual level and a global level, drove our decision to contribute resources to Lift.

The team behind Lift is not just a group of tech savvy entrepreneurs. They are respected engineers and designers with strong management skills, incredible recruiting capability, and friends everywhere. Lift founders Tony and Jon have a powerful yet simple and positively charged mission—to help people help themselves. These are guys you don't just want to do business with, you want to hang out with them too. That makes a big difference when we consider partnering.

The magic of Lift comes from decades of psychology research transmuted into simple, applicable techniques designed and engineered to work on our beloved mobile devices. Breaking goals into tiny habits that are easily adopted with help from friends, positivity, and compelling visualizations of your momentum removes will power as a block between you and your goals. It’s amazing what you can accomplish by tracking tiny, mindful moves.

Lift compliments any device or technique you might already use for health and that’s just the start. We have beta users who are committed to forming new habits such as “talk to at least one stranger,” and “call mom.” Whatever it is you want to achieve, Lift can get you there. Like an elevator, Lift is a mechanism for bringing you where you want to go. We all start at the lobby, sometimes we’re going to the same place, and it’s fun to press the button—a tiny win when I was a kid.

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