why do you torment me still?

yet I,

can still stay positive against all odds,

can still laugh while crying,

can still smile when I feel like I’m on fire,

just want the fire to be put out

can say that no matter what


you can’t rule my life!

modifications can be made for independence.

already have been,

life isn’t easy right now,

unequivocally it’ll get better.

determination and perseverance are vitally important

to get to more happy amazing times!

sometimes people spread negativity,

won’t stand for it.

have risen from situations,

and will do it again

welcome happiness

welcome joy

welcome inspiration

would be a fool not to be happy, grateful, feel

able to live!

able to love!

true, whole, 200%, unconditional, sacrificial love blessed to experience;

Love conquers all, what is light and good conquers all.

This too shall be conquered.

so many lessons learned

blessed to be helped by beautiful souls,

it’s inspiring

time to heal independently

know I can make it through

have wings that would like to know why they cannot fly:

nothing can drag me down without my consent,

nothing has my consent to drag me down.

despite short trends, in the long-term trend, life has only improved.

phoenix in spirit,

rose from ashes and sorrow and abuse,

some rough experiences,

always getting through,

only makes it more important…

that I stand, not lay in bed,

and I will skip and I will jump,

and I will swim and I will dance

and I will hike and I will climb

and will explore till the end of my time

determined to keep going.

dedicated to this fight!

will get there and celebrate;

with those around me who knew I could do this all long:

who believed

helped heal doubt

care with love and light.

for those who had forced disappearances,

for those at Dry docks ,

for those who give everything they have to help others

follow in their stead

inspire and contribute

broken: I’m not.

this moment…meant to be


spread their wings

rise from circumstances

with Gratefulness confidence a healed fierce spirit a whole heart

this time is to rise to fly to flap to spread my wings to know I am coming back stronger

endurance will be longer

was meant to fly

and will

am meant travel

say it’ll be a long time

will help make it shorter

when the odds are against

won’t give up

won’t give in

spot a phoenix above

flying it’ll be me

soaring stronger

able to stay in the sky longer than ever before

the threshold has risen

the threshold has been excepted

the threshold of light is more than pain

can undoubtably say flying soon again

better now… know what real friends are












unexpected challenges

…am rising to meet