Open Source is pretty rewarding

Open Source is pretty damn rewarding, I’ve always loved and been a fan of open source work; however I had never published anything that’s open source and free, as I felt ashamed of my working style, albeit, it turns out it’s not that bad, sure there are room for improvement, but then again, we all have room for improvement.

I created two npm modules today, one that’ll fetch jokes from /r/Jokes on reddit and print them to the console, without the need to be authenticated to reddit, this was achieved by parsing the JSON (alternatively, can use the RSS) feed from the subreddit, and extracting the title, content. The next module I wrote was a simple menu creator for NodeJS that’ll make a very simple, basic colorful menu/display prompt in the console, it’s not high tech, but it works.

I pushed these two modules on npm less than 24 hours ago (as of 12/6/2016) and my module reddit-joke ( has currently 48 installations, without me telling anyone I’ve published it, and my other module (for creating menus), I asked for feedback on reddit, I received some feedback, and plan to adjust the changes to follow, but it currently has 14 installations (

It doesn’t seem like much to a lot of people, but it feels pretty rewarding to know that people will use, like, and enjoy the software written, and extend it into something even greater that they’re building. For being 18 years old, just starting out in the open source world (by publishing/creating my own open source software), I’m pretty pleased about what I’m doing.