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Tutorial for e-residents: creating a self sovereign identity on Obyte platform

Anyone out there who has done the Estonian E-Residency for themselves? Here is another way how to use your digital identity. Using ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID, now you can have a digital identity on a Obyte cryptocurrency platform too, which I have been helping to build.

You can link one of your Obyte cryptocurrency wallet addresses (it’s like an account number) to your digital identity and receive a financial reward. Today the reward is worth $8, but could be vastly different in the future once the Obyte platform has more real world use.

Here are the steps to complete the real name attestation:

  1. Download the wallet app from obyte.org and install it.
  2. In the app, go to Chat -> Bot Store -> Real Name Attestation bot.
  3. Bot will as your address, do that by clicking the button with 3 dots (…) and click “Insert my address”.
  4. Bot will ask you to pick “Veriff” or “eID Easy”. Choose “eID Easy”.
  5. Use smart-voucher if you don’t have any Bytes, bot will ask you to prove that own that address.
  6. Bot will then send you a link to a website where you can log in using ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID.
  7. Once that’s done, head back to wallet app chat, where is a option to save your identity to your wallet app. You can also attest that you are not American :P
  8. At the same time $8 dollars worth of cryptocurrency is added to time-locked vesting smart-contract that you can withdraw from 1 year from now.
  9. Make sure you go to Settings -> Full backup and store that backup on another device or even email (it’s password protected). This way, if something happens to your device, you can restore it. There is nobody else who can restore it if you lose it.
  10. Use your digital identity on Obyte cryptocurrency platform in other ways mentioned in the article.



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