Fabien Marino added to witness list of Obyte default hub

Jun 29, 2019 · 1 min read
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Fabien Marino

The introduction of the second independent witness candidate was a little bit rocky because a bug appeared exactly at the same time, which prevented wallets from accepting Fabien’s units as a parent.

This caused some of the users to revert back to their previous witness list and additionally there wasn’t much support for Fabien’s candidacy during the first weeks. Parent unit selection has improved and during the last few weeks, more users and chatbot owners have added Fabien to their witness list.

Recent stats show that about 20% of unique addresses (excluding known witnesses and the founder’s bots) support the Fabien’s witness and, given the passivity of users, we think that’s enough to start pushing the new witness list through the default hub, just like we did with Rogier’s witness. This means the next time you open the wallet app, it will ask you if you agree to one of the founder witnesses being replaced with Fabien’s witness.

We kindly ask all other hub operators and full nodes to do the same, so we can later move on to the next witness candidate.


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