Money For Knowledge: Distribution Via Telegram Quiz Bot

We have a great product but it is little known. We are going to fix it by offering a small reward to new users who invest a little time to learn about the platform.

Today, we are launching a Telegram bot that allows to pass a small quiz and get a $5.00 worth reward in Bytes (update: now the reward is $0.02). It is paid from the undistributed funds.

The reward is paid as a textcoin, which is also a way to demonstrate to new users one of our most unique features and show how well Byteball integrates with chat applications.

The questions are not really hard (hopefully) and users who have difficulties answering them are encouraged to learn using our website and wiki or by getting engaged in our Telegram community.

Telegram requires each user to confirm his phone number, and the reward is paid only once per user, so the fraud concerns are minimized. But we’ll still watch it for signs of abuse, and there is already a daily limit on the amount of funds to be distributed.

Even if you are already in Byteball, try the bot to test your knowledge, the bot name is @ByteballQuizBot.