Obyte photo competition winner announcement

Paul Murray
Aug 14, 2019 · 4 min read

For half of the world these are the final weeks of summer, a summer which many Obbies marked by O exploring! We received a lot more entries than anticipated, over 70 photos were submitted, and a big thanks to everyone that took part. There was also a surprising amount of variety from O’s in nature, man-made O’s, coffee-made O’s and many other formats.

Picking 3 winners from over 70 photos was not easy. Photos are art, and art is subjective. Where we might see the Mona Lisa, you might see something much less pleasing on the eye.

How winners were picked

Obbies Genievot and Luc Chase kindly offered to judge, and chose their favorite photos with brief reasons why they were chosen. Paul Murray then used these recommendations along with his own favorites to create the top 3. So if you wish to question the decisions made, please contact Paul on Twitter who made the final decision :)

Honorable mentions

There were many, many photos worth an honorable mention but mentioning them all would have been too time consuming, so here are just a few.

nOn existent Obyte miner

(photo by Obbie M3rlin23)

Obyte has no blocks or miners and with that comes a very small energy footprint, so we liked the irony of this entry. It might have won a prize but the font is rather different to the actual Obyte logo font which is All Round Gothic Std Demi. We admit we didn’t mention this in the competition announcement which was an oversight. Next time there will be clearer guidelines, sorry!


(photo by Obbie Crypto Girl)

This photo was submitted after the August 3 deadline so unfortunately wasn’t eligible for a prize. It was however, submitted with a title “O-boys hanging onto their nodes” which we thought was a creative nice touch.

Deep thinking mOnkey

(photo by Obbie kaskade)

This was the number 1 pick of one of the judges, but due to copyright uncertainty we will not be using it. A deep thinking monkey though is cool.


3rd place

Aerial O

(photo by Obbie Pskos)

This was the biggest man-made O submitted, and in this case we think big is definitely beautiful. It’s also one of the few photos taken from an elevated height. It might have finished higher but the O is so big that part of it was cropped from the photo.

2nd place

Guitar fun

(photo by Obbie Alvar Laigna)

Most photos entered did not feature people, meaning the ones that did gained a bit more attention. Also, in the crypto world things are normally rather serious. ‘When Binance’ and ‘when moon’ are more likely followed by raised eyebrows and tension than two girls having fun playing inside an O guitar, a reason this came in at 2nd place.

1st place

Upland cotton

(photo by Obbie fill)

There was a trend — when a few comments were submitted with the photo i.e. some kind of background to the photo, things became more interesting. This we are told, is Upland Cotton, the most widespread type of cotton in the world. During harvest, cotton flies all around the cotton fields which can create striking images depending on where the wind takes it. The wind took this piece roaring into 1st place in the first of what will be many O photo competitions.

Winners will be contacted through Discord.


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