Rogier Eijkelhof added to Byteball default witness list

Rogier Eijkelhof from The Netherlands

A few weeks ago we proudly presented our first decentralized witness candidate to you and asked for your feedback and if you were convinced that he is a good choice, to take action. The feedback we have received on Rogier is overwhelmingly positive. Also, a lot of you have actively changed their witness list to include him as witness. The percentages of all transactions in a 24 hour period to have included this new witness have been fluctuating between as low as 5% and as high as 27%.

It turned out that it is pretty difficult to reach all Byteball users and holders. We have tried using all of the communication channels we have at our disposal, including the wallet itself. While we would have liked to see an even higher percentage we also want to make room for the next candidate and not have him or her compete with Rogier, but instead with one of Tony’s witnesses.

That’s why we are going to proceed and add Rogier’s witness address to the default list that gets pushed to wallets when they connect to the main hub. We kindly ask all other hub operators to do the same.

Again, this is a very important step in the growing up process of Byteball as a platform. We are very excited to take this step and we thank you all for your feedback and cooperation.

On to the next candidate!