Setting the course for real-world adoption: Head of Marketing and Strategy Development joins the team

Byteball is well known for continuously getting things done. Today we have a working, user-friendly wallet, human readable smart contracts, a complete ICO suite, a ChatBot Store with various apps and a host of other built-in features while many crypto projects on the market have only just outlined them in their roadmaps.

We are certainly not going to stop expanding the technology further. We will certainly be releasing even more new features over the coming months, yet at the same time, we need to allocate resources and focus on yet another crucial component for the product to grow… Real-world adoption is a struggle the whole industry is currently facing. So far we haven’t seen many cases of using crypto for anything other than an investment tool, transfer of value or worse — pure speculation.

Byteball though has already made a few hopeful steps towards figuring out real use-cases for the technology (Bytes distribution in Milan, Bosch hackathon, Use-a-Thon). I believe we’re moving in the right direction, yet to get the general public interested there is a lot of work to do.

The challenge obviously requires a team effort. Last month the Byteball team has already been significantly expanded, but there is more news to share with you. If you’re not new to Byteball, you must be familiar with Suirelav and his contribution to the project so far. Starting from June, Valerius Coppens a.k.a. Suirelav is officially a part of Byteball’s team as Head of Marketing and Strategy Development.

Valerius has been interested in distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies as a hobby since as early as 2011. Blown away by the Byteball whitepaper in 2017, he started to do volunteer work for the project, mainly creating great content and moderating discussion in the community.

Apart from being a firm believer in Byteball ideas, Valerius Coppens has a right set of skills and knowledge to help Byteball succeed on its course. With over seven years of executive experience in the financial services industry, his primary areas of expertise are strategy development and design thinking. Besides, Valerius has a strong background in IT governance, in the last few years, he shifted his focus to lean startup which resulted in the launch of two innovative online platforms.

I’m very pleased to welcome Valerius to the team and reaffirm you on our direction. There is a long way to go, but we are determined to see Byteball used by individuals and businesses daily. We’re building a strong team to make this a reality.