Steem Attestation Announcement — Modified Rules

The bridge between Byteball and Steem is showing great results, more than 25,000 Steemians have attested their username so far and it’s not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. However, “free money” always attracts people who try to game the system. No surprise there. We do want to keep the rewards system in place and support it as long as we can but we can not tolerate reward and referral farming through automation.

For example; some people are actively gaming the system by upvoting new accounts to a reputation of 40 and claiming the rewards. The method is described here.

To combat the abuse, the following rule changes are in effect immediately:

  • To be eligible for rewards the to be attested Steem account must have been created on July 12, 2018 or earlier;
  • Accounts created after July 12 can still refer other users and earn referral rewards, just not attestation rewards;
  • Rewards for the rep 30–40 and 40–50 brackets have been halved to combat the profitability of buying upvotes to boost your reputation.

Luckily we’re also seeing great content being created about Byteball and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive so far. Please continue and don’t be discouraged by a few bad actors. We’ll keep monitoring the situation and make changes as necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and happy attesting & referring!