What’s next for Obyte

Aug 1, 2019 · 2 min read

We are changing the way we communicate our development and other activities.

Previously, we developed products and updates for some time and then released them when they were ready to be used. Being focused on real working products and the problems they solve, we didn’t involve the community in something that didn’t exist yet, couldn’t be shown yet, couldn’t be used yet.

However, this practice has the downside that the community doesn’t know what we are working on, what’s next.

Now we are going to share more about our current work and what we are going to launch in the near term. Hopefully, we’ll get early feedback that will help us to better prioritize and adjust the design of future product releases. The community will know better what to expect from Obyte and developers will know how the platform is going to evolve.

The recent launch of Autonomous Agents on testnet already reveals the major update that is coming next to the production network. To make it clear what other new things are coming to the platform in the near future, we now start a series of What’s next blogs.

The first article speaks about “contracts with arbiters” functionality that we are currently building and expect to add to the platform in the near future. Contracts with arbiters allow for safe arbitrary contracts between two parties backed by a human language text and a trusted arbiter to be called to settle a dispute in case it should arise. Continue to the article.

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