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Fundraising on PoS chains

ISPOs — otherwise known as Initial Stake Pool Offerings — are a truly innovative method of fundraising, made possible by the rise of the delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which was popularized by the Cardano blockchain, and in use by the majority of successful blockchains today.

Under normal circumstances, when a user of a POS blockchain delegates their tokens to a node they do so with two assumptions:

  1. That they are delegating the weight of their ownership of the blockchain to the desired node in the form of their held tokens, and that this node now has a greater chance of being selected to validate a ‘block’ of transactions
  2. That as compensation for this delegation the user will be entitled to a share of the subsequent rewards incurred through the node’s validation of a block.

Rewards earned through block validation normally take the form of the protocol’s native token, which are then distributed to delegators in a decentralized manner via the completing node.

ISPOs take this mechanism and utilize it for native, decentralized fundraises by largely replacing delegators’ standard native token rewards, for the token of the project raising funds. The normal native token rewards are distributed in an arbitrary fashion between the raising project, and the node operator hosting the ISPO, affecting the desired fundraise.

Introducing the DAO’s ISPO infrastructure

We are proud to present our latest fundraising technology, the Occam DAO’s ISPO-as-a-service! Initially, this infrastructure will serve the Cardano blockchain before being opened for use by the communities of all supported delegated Proof of Stake (POS) blockchains.

With our pedigree earned through the successful incubation and launch of projects across various blockchains, the Occam DAO is well-positioned to host some of the most exciting and innovative projects in the space via our new ISPO features.

Members will note a large number of partnerships, and connections we have been building throughout the temporary market downturn witnessed in recent times, and thus may begin to understand our bear-market strategy. The kind of high-quality project teams the Occam DAO wishes to launch have the fundamental strength and reserves to exercise patience in this market, as does the Occam DAO itself, and we now have all the tools available to offer yet another innovative launch method to those projects-in-waiting.

The Occam DAO’s ISPO platform aggregates all of our available ISPO pools into one convenient interface, with statistics and delegation information for each; allowing our users to assess and delegate to the ISPO of your favorite projects at a glance.

Interested projects may get in touch with us via a short application form found here. The form is for us to get a general understanding of the project’s needs, and we will get back to interested parties as soon as possible after the form has been submitted.

You may now access the Occam ISPO dashboard here to view all available ISPOs.

The Occam DAO’s first ISPOs!

We have two fantastic ISPOs to choose from as we release our initial pools on the Cardano blockchain. Many DAO members will have heard about both of these projects in the past, and we hope you enjoy delegating toward their future!

First up, we have…

$CHAKRA — rewarding our DAO members

The Chakra Pool is growing fast, not only in the amount of projects committing funds, but also in technical development, and when launched, DAO members will gain access to the strongest weighted basket of high-quality tokens on the market. $CHAKRA is built from the ground up to allow our DAO members exposure to a constant stream of innovation and value, and the team can’t wait to let you see the results of all the hard work!

In addition, Occam DAO members will soon be able to continuously farm $CHAKRA via a dedicated ISPO, being one of the first tokens to utilize our new ISPO infrastructure. Users will be able to gain access to a highly diverse, interchain portfolio of project tokens; all by simply delegating their $ADA to the correct stake pool (as indicated by our ISPO dashboard). At a later date, $CHAKRA may also be earned through staking $OCC on our OccamRazer platform.

As a reminder, the Chakra Pool currently has commitments for funding from the following projects at launch, and each of these valuable partners is growing the value and strength of the new rewards token:

You can find the $CHAKRA ISPO on the dashboard here, and we’d like to thank our partners who have already added the value of their amazing projects to the pool!

$CURL — making liquidity great again

The second project making an appearance during the debut of our ISPO services is none other than CURL — the ultimate weapon in the battle against liquidity fragmentation.

CURL is a dual token DAO that aims to revolutionize cross-chain liquidity provision by streamlining the user experience of liquidity providers, and concentrating the fragmented liquidity across bridged assets. Through pooling the many synthetic and bridged tokens available on any supported chain, CURL brings safety, redundancy, and simplicity to any supported network (initially Milkomeda C1).

We are thrilled to have such a promising project onboard at the inception of our ISPO services, and you can access the CURL ISPO here.

Heading into an interchain future

In other news, the Occam DAO recently announced the formation of the Interchain Alliance — a group of leading industry innovators whose goals represent the interests of every user of DeFi in the space; with an ironclad promise of protecting the decentralized, interchain future of Web3, while encouraging restrictionless, and efficient transfer of liquidity across all chains being central to its mandate.

The founding members of the alliance are:

As a founding member of the alliance, the Occam DAO and our amazing partners will be leading the charge against blockchain maximalism, and bringing about a future in which users do not have to consider which chain they are interacting with; only that their capital is safe to deploy, and that they will have the best Web3 experience possible when they do so.

Look out for more from the Occam DAO, and the Interchain Alliance in the coming months — we hope you enjoyed your holidays everyone!

A brand new landing page for

In parallel with the implementation of our ISPO infrastructure becoming live, we are also deploying a beautiful new landing page for the website. From the redesigned website you will be able to access every facet of the Occam DAO at a glance; from our incubation and ecosystem solution sections to our new governance, and ISPO portals.

We are so excited to bring you new features, and methods of interacting with the DAO. ISPOs in particular represent a highly practical method of fundraising during a market downturn such as the one we are currently experiencing, and we aim to become the ISPO hub for both Cardano and every compatible PoS chain we integrate with.

There are exciting times ahead for our DAO members regardless of market conditions, and we shall be bringing our ‘A’ game into the next market upturn with our infrastructure built, and our amazing community on board!

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