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EMURGO Becomes Strategic Partner of the Occam.fi Ecosystem

ZUG, 29 JULY 2021 — The Occam Association is delighted to announce that EMURGO has become a strategic partner of the Occam.fi ecosystem. EMURGO, a global emerging technologies company providing custom-built solutions and one of Cardano blockchain’s three founding entities, has been a solutions developer, accelerator, and education provider for the Cardano ecosystem since early 2017.

EMURGO will provide its deep expertise of the Cardano blockchain, and the wider decentralised ecosystem, to help Occam.fi deliver on its mission of building the fundamental components required to catalyse Cardano’s DeFi capabilities.

The first component of the Occam.fi ecosystem is the OccamRazer platform, a decentralised launchpad that will host IDOs for the next generation of Cardano-based decentralised applications. Emurgo will also provide their expert guidance to Occam.fi in the creation of its other components, including the OccamX DEX, the Occelerator incubator program, and more.

Mark Berger, President of the Occam Association, says:

“The expertise and value EMURGO bring to the Occam.fi ecosystem is profound. Through our strategic partnership, we will work together for the good of the entire Cardano ecosystem. Our focus is on building and delivering decentralised tools which will eventually rival centralised exchange venues, built specifically for the Cardano blockchain. EMURGO will help us realise this mission more effectively and impactfully for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.”

OccamRazer is a decentralised fundraising vehicle, or launchpad, with a full suite of compliance and RegTech tools as well as feature-rich UX suitable to accommodate a vast variety of fundraising profiles. Together with the other Occam.fi components, it will act as a key to unlock the Cardano ecosystems’ liquidity.

Ken Kodama, CEO of EMURGO, says:

“We are now in the very early stages of building a flourishing DeFi ecosystem for the Cardano blockchain. In the coming months, we expect several projects to launch on Cardano with ready-for-market solutions that require access to higher levels of capital to accelerate their growth. We think the OccamRazer platform, and the rest of the Occam.fi ecosystem, could be instrumental in serving these projects through impactful IDO raises and incubation through Occelerator.”

Occam.fi recently announced that major trading venue, Bitcoin.com Exchange, would be working with the Occam.fi team to offer custodial facilities to the OccamRazer platform, powering an Ethereum <> Cardano bi-directional cross-chain liquidity bridge.

About EMURGO: EMURGO is a global emerging technologies company, providing custom-built solutions to solve some of the most complex problems of the most intricate organizations. As a founding entity of the Cardano protocol, EMURGO is able to leverage its abilities for large scale blockchain development and rapid solutions deployment to benefit its global clients. EMURGO has offices in Singapore, Japan, the USA, India, and Indonesia, and a roster of global clients & partners. To connect and learn more, visit https://emurgo.io.

About Occam.fi: The Occam.fi ecosystem is managed and maintained by the Occam Association, a Switzerland-based entity operating from the crypto-friendly Canton of Zug. When the Occam.fi ecosystem grows sufficiently, Occam.fi will be governed and steered by a carefully designed decentralized autonomous organization. Occam.fi is the first decentralized launchpad designed for the Cardano ecosystem, built with expertise and care from a veteran team of blockchain entrepreneurs and professionals. Learn more at www.occam.fi.



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