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Getting Symbiotic with Symbiosis

The OccamX team is happy to announce our partnership with Symbiosis — a powerful, cross-chain liquidity transfer engine. This incredible partnership will allow the seamless flow of liquidity to, and from OccamX — using Symbiosis’s advanced order routing technology over the Milkomeda network.

What our community can expect from this is that the entire plethora of Symbiosis institutional partners will gain cross-chain exposure to CNTs and deep ADA liquidity through the Milkomeda network, and OccamX’s execution layer. Obviously, this implies an order flow that is orders of magnitude stronger than previously seen on our platform, and thus — the prospect of greater rewards for our liquidity providers!

Deep flows of liquidity across blockchains

Cross-chain decentralized finance is becoming a reality before our very eyes, and Symbiosis is at the forefront of this revolution. Symbiosis aggregates decentralized exchange liquidity across any EVM or non-EVM network. It enables a user to swap any token and transfer liquidity between any chain — yes, any. One can think of Symbiosis as a chain agnostic router and an AMM DEX for relaying liquidity inter-chain. But, what is in it for OccamX and Milkomeda as a whole? Well, my inquisitive friend, this rabbit hole is much deeper than it seems…

Let’s dig a bit deeper into it — what does a DEX actually need? That’s right, a successful DEX = (a) liquidity + (b) order flow. How does this partnership fit into this equation?

After enabling massive cross-chain liquidity for our AMM pools through our partnership with Multichain, we are onboarding Symbiosis as the router that will supply the other part of the equation — the order flow. OccamX’s liquidity providers can expect greater rewards through the fees generated by this new trade volume. It is indeed a ‘symbiotic’ partnership with Symbiosis — for Symbiosis, on the other hand, OccamX is an important partner to enable deep ADA and CNT liquidity.

The Symbiosis team consists of some of the most talented DeFi engineers in the space — see their list of backers for an idea of just how strong their connections are, and check their contracts for a more holistic one. One aspect of our partnership will be the merging of our research and development teams to collaborate on building a universal interchain synthetic infrastructure.

In the coming weeks and months, you can expect several fantastic ‘symbiotic’ competitions and community campaigns!

What is Symbiosis?

Symbiosis aims at solving two major problems:

  • Liquidity fragmentation across different blockchain networks
  • The poor user experience when dealing with the web3 economy.

To achieve solutions to these issues, Symbiosis combines its fully decentralized order-routing protocol; with a simple, easy-to-use interface. This allows even novice blockchain users the ability to swap any token, from any chain on the system — in a comprehensive, uniswap-style experience.

As always, there is more to come — Occam the Monk’s journey to DeFi enlightenment is a long and exciting one; you can keep up with his adventure on our Discord server in the monks-journey channel.

How far ahead are we? Follow the Monk.

And remember, it was all a part of the plan.

About OccamX:

OccamX is an AMM DEX built by a team incubated by Occam.fi. It is among the first DeFi projects deployed over the L2 EVM based platform “Milkomeda C1”. OccamX’s state of the art technology and system’s internal economics are geared towards attracting liquidity away from legacy L1 networks towards Milkomeda and OccamX as its core liquidity engine.

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