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MeowSwap and Occelerator — Building Cardano’s DeFi Landscape and Exploring DEX Synergies

Last week, we announced that MeowSwap, one of the first decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to launch on Cardano’s mainnet, will launch on the OccamRazer launchpad on the 10th of December. We also shared how MeowSwap was an Occelerator project, backed by Occam.fi’s incubator for the Cardano ecosystem.

Here, we’re going to discover why Occam.fi is committed to launching the very best projects for Cardano through the Occelerator, and explore why MeowSwap made the grade as an Occelerator partner. We’ve also included a registration link for MeowSwap below, so if you’re just looking to register scroll down now!

What is MeowSwap?

MeowSwap, built by a team of ex-Metahash devs, combines proprietary layer-2 scaling technology built natively on Cardano, in conjunction with a seamless front-end that enables direct token trading of Cardano Native Tokens (CNTs).

Using Cardano’s layer-1 for secure storage of assets, but layer-2 technology for execution, MeowSwap takes the computational load away from the Cardano mainchain. Instead, MeowSwap utilizes the Cardano mainchain only to store and log deposits and withdrawals in a trustless and secure way, while using layer-2 nodes (stake pools) to execute the computational load of managing exchange operations, liquidity pool management, and data-transactions. Through this design, the amount of data required for transaction validation through the Cardano main-chain is minimized, effectively bypassing both the concurrency and block-size limit issues.

This offers users the security of layer-1 DEX, with execution speeds that compete with centralized exchange systems. By utilizing a layer-2 solution MeowSwap also enables a vast array of instruments like perpetual contracts, programmable trading scripts, postponed execution, copy-trading scenarios, and much much more.

MeowSwap has already successfully implemented it’s layer-2 delegated order execution system, deployed in beta on a single node and soon to open to select public participants through a beta on the 8th of December.

MeowSwap is now preparing to incorporate multiple Cardano nodes and become fully decentralized before its final form is revealed! More information to come on this shortly.

Why does MeowSwap make a great Occelerator partner?

MeowSwap’s launch on OccamRazer is the culmination of around three months behind-the-scenes work by the MeowSwap team, with a focus on becoming a leading AMM DEX for Cardano with massive throughput and attractive liquidity campaigns. During this time, although MeowSwap has been in stealth development mode, they have been collaborating with our technical team here at Occam.fi.

The Occelerator incubator is designed to bring all Cardano projects which meet our requirements to market, regardless of whether they may have similar products to some of our verticals, in the effort to increase the Cardano DeFi ecosystem as a whole. This is in line with our mandate of growing the Cardano ecosystem and making it into a flourishing blockchain for DeFi and new dApps!

However, Occelerator also gives us a unique opportunity for our developers to work closely with incubated teams, and share resources and skills with them. While MeowSwap has been in stealth mode, our OccamX developers have been working alongside their team and navigating what works best for both DEXs, sharing components where possible.

Where OccamX is designed to be a powerful and feature-rich DEX that is suitable for institutional users and retail users alike, MeowSwap is a quick and simple to use interface that is intuitive and usable by anyone — both newbies and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. As a result, we thought they would make a great addition to the Occelerator ecosystem to help catalyse Cardano’s CNT trading environment and provide liquidity to new projects launching on Cardano. With the recent proliferation of dApps and CNTs in Cardano, we expect MeowSwap will be in high-demand as users look for ways to easily and cost-effectively swap assets!

We’re incredibly excited for MeowSwap’s upcoming IDO on the OccamRazer platform on the 10th of December, which users can register for right now here. There’s already almost 1,000 participants registered, and registration is open until the 9th of December, so make sure you head over to OccamRazer and register today. The MeowSwap IDO is held on the BSC network for low gas fees.

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The Occam.fi ecosystem encompasses the OccamX DEX, the OccamRazer decentralized launchpad, and the Occelerator Incubator. Backed by IOHK through cFund and EMURGO, Occam.fi brings DeFi to Cardano.

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