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NFracTion to Launch IDO on the OccamRazer Launchpad!

NFracTion, a unique NFT fractionalisation protocol which distributes high-end digital arts into multiple ‘puzzle’ pieces, will launch on the OccamRazer decentralized launchpad on the 30th of September. NFracTion is blockchain agnostic, but will extend its fractionalisation capabilities to NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain.

By fractionalising NFT artwork, NFracTion will provide additional value for collectors, who can free up capital on exclusive pieces of art in their portfolios, and help generate higher revenues for NFT artists.

The NFTA token, first available through the OccamRazer launchpad, plays a central role in the NFracTion ecosystem and functions similarly to a DEX token. By fractionalising NFTs, there is potential for higher transaction volume than traditional NFT marketplaces. on our Cross-chain NFT Marketplace and benefits traders, collectors and artists. In addition to traditional trading between parties, NFT Puzzle pieces will be obtainable by opening Puzzle packs, and made tradeable through NFracTion’s secondary market trading venue.

In addition to NFracTion’s NFT marketplace and Puzzle functionality, it will host NFT raffles, personalized NFTs, mystery puzzles and other special features — as well as tailor-made NFT capabilities for sports fans with authenticated releases in the MMA, football, basketball, and racing sports communities.

Elio Artic, CEO at NFracTion, says:

NFracTion’s primary goal is to create a user-friendly platform, that is exceptionally easy to use and manage for any NFT holder or artist. To deliver this, NFracTion will also launch a mobile app.

Elliot Hill, Head of Communications at Occam.fi, says:

Follow NFracTion’s social media channels to stay up to date with the latest news:

About NFracTion:. NFracTion is a unique NFT Fractionalizer, “cutting” digital arts into puzzle pieces and providing additional value for collectors and much higher revenues than standard single-piece NFT`s — Play & Earn concept — targeting the Sports fans community at first with some major partnerships. NFracTion also delivers a superb Multi-chain NFT Marketplace to the crypto community, launching on BSC Network and soon after that adopting Cardano, Solana and other networks. Modernly designed with extra care for the best user experience on a path to generate a healthy ecosystem rewarding amazing NFT artists and true collectors. Learn more at https://www.nfraction.com/.



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