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Occam.fi and Everscale Collaborate to Launch Cardano Cross-Chain Bridge

Broxus, a development team that has produced a number of products on the Everscale network, will collaborate with the Occam.fi team to create a fast and efficient cross-chain bridge for Cardano dApps and Cardano native tokens (CNTs).

Everscale is a multithreaded, sharded blockchain capable of scaling up to one million transactions per second. Through Everscale, Occam.fi and Broxus will collaborate on a bridge called ‘Adaever’, providing a layer-2 solution that enables bi-directional liquidity with low transaction costs and lighting fast finality times.

By powering the transfer of liquidity from Cardano to Everscale and vice versa, the Everscale Bridge will enable the trading and transfer of CNTs while bypassing the short-term scalability issues associated with the rollout of Cardano’s mainnet.

Occam.fi and Broxus will also collaborate on the rollout of Dexada, a simple and intuitive cross-chain DEX, where users will be able to buy, sell, and trade ADA and EVER; as well as take advantage of staking and yield farming opportunities. OCC holders and participants who contribute to the liquidity of the DEX will be rewarded for helping the Dexada ecosystem grow, with more details to follow shortly.

Max Mironov, Tech Lead at Occam.fi, says:

“We’re very excited to work with Broxus on bringing their incredibly scalable technology to the Occam.fi and Cardano ecosystems through the joint launch of our bridge. With the imminent release of the OccamX DEX, we’re now exploring ways to scale and add a multitude of new users to our platform, and our partnership with Everscale will be an important part of that process.”

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The Occam.fi ecosystem encompasses the OccamX DEX, the OccamRazer decentralized launchpad, and the Occelerator Incubator. Backed by IOHK through cFund and EMURGO, Occam.fi brings DeFi to Cardano.

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