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Occam Improvement Proposals — Recap and Requests to Vote!

Hello Occam.fi community!

A little over a month ago, at the end of October, we introduced our Occam Improvement Proposals (OIPs) and stake-based voting, evolving the governance of Occam.fi and putting power into the community’s hands.

We’ve had a great response, with over 30 OIPs already proposed in our Occam Forum and many more ideas in the discussion phase.

We recently shared that we would move to quarterly stake-based voting rounds via our Snapshot, in an effort to streamline the period in which we ask you to vote on proposals. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t propose, comment, and help OIPs reach a quorum for them to reach the stake-based voting.

The next stake-based vote will be on the 15th of January. All OIPs which have reached a quorum of 50 votes before that date will be moved to stake-based voting. Here, we’re going to recap on a few of our active OIPs, some of which we believe deserve your votes or attention, and look at how we’ve evolved our governance so far!

Open OIPs

All open OIPs can be viewed on the Occam Forum, in the OIP section. Anyone with a forum account can propose an OIP, we just ask that you follow the formatting guidelines here. Signing up to the forum is easy and takes just a few seconds, so make sure you sign up to vote! You can use a pseudonym on the Forum if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Let’s discover some of the open OIPs that haven’t yet reached their voting quorum:

OIP #02 — Increase Timing Flexibility for IDO Participation

OIP Rationale/High-Level Overview: We propose that the window for wave 1 IDO participation begin earlier. The current one hour window limits community member participation and increased flexibility would add significant value to both those with guaranteed allocation and all lottery winners selected for wave 1.

Quorum at time of writing: 28 votes.

OIP #4 — UI improvement (add price in USD)

OIP Rationale/High-Level Overview: See prices of IDO’s in USD not just in ETH, since the ETH price is constantly changing and this makes it harder to calculate performance of IDO’s.

Quorum at time of writing: 33 votes.

OIP #7 — Possibility to trade Wave 1 spots and allocations

OIP Rationale/High-Level Overview: Propose that it should be possible for those in T1, T2 and others who made it into Wave 1 to sell their guaranteed allocation to other users.

Quorum at time of writing: 10 votes.

OIP #09 — Introduction of a CED token

OIP Rationale/High-Level Overview: The Occam.fi team propose a CED token to be collateralised by CED rewards, which can be burnt for a proportional share of the rewards and will be traded on open market. Users will benefit from a single token reward instead of a bunch of different CED tokens.

Quorum at time of writing: 6 votes.

OIP #12 — Weight added to IDO participation for time OCC staked

OIP Rationale/High-Level Overview: Propose that weight is added to participants in tiers that are not a guaranteed allocation, for how many months that they have OCC staked.

Quorum at time of writing: 13 votes.

OIP #15 — Proposed participation to IDOs using a stablecoin and not ETH

OIP Rationale/High-Level Overview: Propose that USDT should be used for participation in IDOs instead of Ethereum as the value of stablecoins doesn’t fluctuate.

Quorum at time of writing: 16 votes.

These are just a handful of almost 30 active OIPs currently on the forum. There are many more fantastic OIPs and suggestions, so do check them out. If you’re unsure if your idea could become an OIP, or not confident in creating an entire proposal, please join our discussions on the forum instead!

If you’re ready to submit an OIP, check out our formatting guidelines. OIPs incorrectly formatted will not be accepted. Read more about OIPs and our governance initiatives here.

We need your vote!

We are particularly interested in advancing the following OIP around the IDO participation window, proposed by forum user Cabfam, given the feedback we have received on the forum and in our community. While we cannot directly intervene or influence the community voting process, we would encourage you to take a moment to cast your vote there.

Our rationale for supporting the above OIP is to give IDO participants a longer window in which to participate, particularly those in Wave 1, as time zone differences make it difficult for some users.

Although there are some considerations around increasing the time window, the team ultimately believes that it will make the IDO experience more streamlined and inclusive, and we welcome your vote there.

Check out our Governance initiatives below:



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