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Occam Introduces ISPO-as-a-Service

Initial stake pool offerings (ISPOs) are an innovative way for crypto projects to raise funds, first introduced on the Cardano blockchain. In the ISPO model, developers set a variable margin, collect the rewards and pay their delegators with their utility tokens.

OccamFi has been running its own ISPO for OccamX (OCX) for over 40 epochs now in an impeccably secure manner, with 100% uptime. Achieving this requires building and efficiently maintaining a resilient and scalable infrastructure. For many, building such infrastructure in-house has proven to be extremely time consuming and distracting from their core competencies.

Various parties in the Cardano space have reached out to us inquiring whether we can run the technological service underpinning an ISPO, pointing out the diverse issues they have faced when considering an ISPO. As a result, we have decided to extend our expertise in running ISPOs to the entire Cardano space by providing ISPO-as-a-Service. 2.5% of the net revenue (in ADA) of the staking pool will be retained by OccamFi as a maintenance fee, and 2.25% of the net revenue (in ADA) will be used to buyback OCC.

Interested projects can get in touch with us via a short application form here. The form is for us to get a general understanding of the project’s needs. We will get back to interested parties as soon as possible after the form has been submitted.

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