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Occam the Monk Journey to The Summit

“Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you. You must travel it by yourself. It is not far. It is within reach. Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know. Perhaps it is everywhere — on water and land.” — Walt Whitman

Our journey to the peak of the mountain has been a long and arduous one. It began long before the advent of Smart Contracts on Cardano and it will continue long after we believe we’ve reached the peak. The imminent goal is something that blocks our vision of the long trip still yet ahead of us. The Monk and his team began their journey many months ago, and after scaling smaller crests, gradually launching more and more of Cardano’s key infrastructure, the Occam monk can rest assured that he and his team are at the apex of their adventure.

Milkomeda has been something in the works for quite a while, the formation of this colossal piece of Cardano infrastructure (and beyond) being the gateway for a near-universal migration of liquidity onto Cardano. But it’s more than that. This Layer 2 has all of the necessary features to become the Layer 2 solution for the industry, its anchor point on Cardano ossifies this forward-looking vision to subsume liquidity from other major chains and form itself into a mountain of value that pokes out above the clouds of other major liquidity peaks on Avalanche, Ethereum, Binance and more. Milkomeda’s summit has been gradually making its appearance, but as we’ve gotten closer and closer to its slopes, the immensity of it is truly beginning to impress itself on us.

Milkomeda’s steep slopes stand out above the rest of the many mountains that have risen up in the smart contract and DeFi landscape as of late. While the cliffs of these other liquidity peaks seemed imposing from the beginning of our journey, our gradual climb closer to them has revealed that their peaks pale in comparison to the eminence of the slopes of Milkomeda and the journey to its summit. From afar, these other mountain tops have been a draw for other mountaineers such as the Occam the Monk, but his foresight has allowed him to parse through the range of peaks to recognize that Milkomeda, Cardano’s Layer 2, is the peak that must be conquered, all of its peers lie in the shadows of this mighty formation.

The Monk’s challenging trip up the crag of the mountain has brought him to the first major resting point on his journey, and he has chosen to plant the flag of OccamX. Both the Monk and OccamX, the first Cardano DEX capable of leveraging the dizzying heights of Milkomeda, are ready to continue their ascent to the top. The Monk has ensured that OccamX is one of the first DEXs to be built on Milkomeda and to fully support ADA/USDT pairings, and most importantly, to support the elevation of liquidity onto Cardano. The Monk’s deployment of OccamX is significant because Milkomeda’s centrality in the range of liquidity peaks means that regardless of the other mountains being EVM-compatible or having Layer 2’s, OccamX is set to become the de-facto base camp of the largest mountain of liquidity the industry has ever seen.

The Monk has built a strong team to support him and his journey with OccamX. Major funds and backers which have been investing into Cardano’s foundational infrastructure have chosen to support the Monk and his journey to plant the DEX on Milkomeda. These partners, supporters and backers have worked hard to aid the previous endeavors of the Occam incubator, a union which has been one of the primary catalysts for the expansion and development of the Cardano ecosystem, and the Monk intends to carry this effort forth with the launch of OccamX. With OccamX’s launch upon the base of Milkomeda, a Layer 2 supported by key institutions (Arrington XRP Capital, Coinbase, The Spartan Group, Wave Financial, Solana Capital, Terra and many more), the Monk has recruited the best team and picked the prime time for this journey. To cement OccamX’s future, the last key thing he needs is you.

The first caravan of mountaineers to embark on this exhaustive journey with the Monk will be the ones to reap the most rewards. These brave mountaineers are leading the expedition and expansion of liquidity to the mountain of Milkomeda and the first climbers to breach the slopes of Milkomeda are likely to get the highest of rewards. Being early to the mountain of Milkomeda will take some work but in the end, as more and more networks and projects begin to form alongside Milkomeda, those first climbers will have been the ones to mark a new beginning in the ecosystem. OccamX will be the first of many projects to form the base camp of this liquidity offering lucrative opportunities for the bravest of adventurers. A massive campaign to embark upon the trek to the summit of Milkomeda is coming; will you be the first, will you reap the largest rewards?

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