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Occam the Monk reaches the OccamX peak

In this article we intend to lay down the theses that uphold our philosophy, the philosophy of OccamX. We will elaborate upon each of them in turn.

It was all a part of the plan.

After committing once, we are following through all the way. Whatever it takes.

2. OccamX is much more than a DEX. It’s the critical infrastructure of Milkomeda’s cross-chain DeFi landscape. Seamless liquidity on and off ramps through our partner bridges, such as Milkomeda’s bridge, Multichain and Nomad enables on-chain price discovery for assets that, prior to Milkomeda’s age, one could only trade on centralized exchanges. Have you seen ADA/USDC pairs yielding >200% APY on a DEX before? Well, now you are welcome to discover it on OccamX.

It was all a part of the plan.

A plan to build a beautiful ecosystem that we are only starting to unveil.

3. OccamX’s team has been leveraging partnerships to make OccamX an overarching L2 AMM liquidity powerhouse from day 1. We bring the wealth of partners, friends, community and expertise with us to build something unique. Our friends from Emurgo, dcSpark (core contributor to the Milkomeda protocol), C-fund, CoinTelegraph, Multichain, DeFire, the wider Cardano community and partners of Occam’s incubator are joining in for the ride.

It was all a part of the plan.

We took the time and we prepared well.

4. OccamX is an AMM DEX with Curv-style DAO liquidity governance. Through OCX incentives, it is designed to become the massive attractor for potent flows of cross-chain liquidity. OCX inflation, along with special farming treasuries of other assets, will push APYs to >200% for some pools. Only DAO will decide for which. OccamX is also largely owned by Occam’s community due to the 6-months long OCX farming campaign. You, who have been with us and never lost faith, will be rewarded. Others are also welcome. But at a different price. There is >$17m out there already. And we have only just started.

It was all a part of the plan.

Our core values are liquidity, community and decentralization. We build steadily. And we never stop.

Now, let us dive deeper.

OccamX is an AMM DEX through which users will be freely able to create pools, provide liquidity, and swap assets without the need of a centralized third party. OccamX is among the first DeFi projects deployed over the L2 EVM based platform “Milkomeda C1”.

Milkomeda is a new L2 protocol that brings EVM capabilities to non-EVM blockchains (with dcSpark being its core contributor), critical infrastructure providers for the Cardano and Solana ecosystems, ex Emurgo and, in general, some of the brightest minds out there in Cardano’s ecosystem.

The partnership with Milkomeda, a match made on the way to the mountain tops, offered a valuable shortcut in Occam the Monk’s path to OccamX, making it possible to reach the peak much sooner than would have otherwise been possible.

Planting the OccamX flag

In the grand scheme of things, the OccamX and Milkomeda partnership is not only about bringing another DEX to the DeFi ecosystem. Firstly, this is one of the few Cardano DEX’s to offer ADA and Cardano Native Tokens against assets from ETH and other EVM compatible networks, including pairs such as ADA/USDT and ADA/ETH. At this point in time, OccamX already has over $13m USD worth of cross-chain liquidity from early trusted partners.

Secondly, the partnership offers a huge step in the process of Cardano liquidity migration nested on other layer 1 networks, towards an overarching layer 2 solution provided by Milkomeda.

Thirdly, OccamX is a DEX that is launching with the added support of major funds who are known to heavily invest in the further development of Cardano infrastructure. Overall, the impact for the Cardano network as a whole goes beyond what has been thought possible at this development stage. We expect to witness major infrastructural DeFi projects building on Milkomeda — this is just the beginning. Users can expect to see major announcements regarding important projects and partnerships following OccamX deployment on Milkomeda. The liquidity brought on will be pivotal not only for Milkomeda or OccamX, but also for the success of the Cardano ecosystem as a whole.

OccamX has been trialed on the Milkomeda test-net, with feedback from the community taken into account and implemented. The DEX is now ready, patiently awaiting the opening of the whitelist by Milkomeda.

Liquidity Mining

As promised, OccamX is organizing a massive liquidity mining campaign, which will have the support of some of the biggest DeFi liquidity powerhouses. The liquidity mining campaign will begin after Milkomeda opens its whitelist and lets the first users in. While a date has not yet been shared by the Milkomeda team, ensure you stay tuned by following both the OccamX and Milkomeda social channels.

It will be big.

You don’t want to miss it.

Exposure to the OCX Token

The OccamX DEX is powered by the OCX token, which can only be gained by contributing to the Occam.fi ecosystem. The ways through which OCX can be accrued include:

  1. Staking Uniswap OCC/ETH liquidity tokens here.
  2. Providing liquidity in the BSC pool on PancakeSwap here.
  3. Holding OCC-ADA natively on Cardano Blockchain.
  4. Delegating ADA to Occam.fi Cardano Stake Pool (ISPO), live here.

The rules of the OCX distribution will be explained in a separate post.

Conquering the peak

This is only the beginning of what’s to come to the Cardano ecosystem and beyond. OccamX has been hard at work on securing a myriad of strong partnerships within the industry, all of which will be gradually unveiled in the coming weeks. Follow us as Occam the Monk continues conquering the OccamX peak.

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The Occam DAO is an interchain DAO-governed incubator leveraging our community and expertise to build, shape and improve DeFi ecosystems.

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