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OccamFi Team Incubates CURL, a Protocol for Concentrating Synthetic Liquidity

June 8, 2022OccamFi is pleased to announce its latest incubated project, CURL. A protocol developed by the Blueshift and OccamX teams, CURL addresses current shortcomings of liquidity fragmentation caused by bridges and L2 solutions, all in order to unleash DeFi’s deep liquidity.

CURL is a protocol that enables the accommodation of synthetic liquid tokens across L2 solutions by combining unique liquidity pooling and issuing a homogenized synthetic asset that represents a weighted exposure to all underlying synthetics, effectively making them fungible.

Curl effectively ensures:

OccamFi’s incubation process allowed CURL to develop the core protocol considerably faster, as well as set its strategic direction in the market. CURL builds on and extends Blueshift’s audited and market-proven portfolio technology that has already successfully introduced DeFi 2.0 to Cardano. CURL is a dual token DAO, introducing the $CURL governance token and $hX universal synthetic token.

Watch this space as CURL continues to grow and bring order to liquidity fragmentation. The project will first be released on Milkomeda to streamline the users’ experience of liquidity provision and concentrate the fragmented liquidity across bridged assets.

Follow CURL on social media:

Twitter — https://twitter.com/CURL_fi

Discord — discord.gg/pS6jxApJMk

Follow OccamFi’s social media channels to stay up to date with the latest news:

Telegram Official Community — https://t.me/occamfi_com

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