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OccamX Announces Memecoin Campaign

Hi Occam Community,

Have you always wanted to create your own token, but didn’t know where to start or how to do it?

With the OccamX Memecoin Campaign, you’ve got a chance to make your coin a reality!

So, how does it work?

The Memecoin Campaign asks every single loyal OCC and OCX supporter to rack their brains for their wildest idea for a memecoin! Staking is only allowed for wallets with 1 coin? 1 year unstaking timer? 95% burn on every purchase and sale? What sounds crazy but may actually work…

The choice is yours, we want YOU to act like you’re the CEO of your own Memecoin, take it to the moon and get everyone to vote for it!

Whichever memecoin has the highest votes among all of the memecoins will have their token developed and listed on the OccamX DEX! That’s right, we can build your dream meme token, but everyone has to think it is the best and vote for it!

This is your chance to have your meme inscribed on the immutable history of Cardano. Wiil your Memecoin rise to the challenge and the moon?

Please note, your coinmeme should be original and reflect the story or purpose of the coin.

Participation rules:

The top 5 most liked memes will be up for a final vote by the community and one winner will be picked based on the most votes.

The competition starts today (04.03.2022) and will last until the OccamX DEX mainnet release (not long left now, so get started!).



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