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OccamX Landing Page Goes Live — Meet Our Mascot and More!

OccamX, a purpose-built Cardano DEX developed by the Occam.fi team, has now released its landing page, roadmap, mascot, and ISPO ADA staking dashboard in the biggest update for OccamX since we released our concurrency solution!

With the continued rollout of our DEX, our mission is simple. OccamX will allow users to earn, swap, and provide liquidity to the vast number of Cardano Native Tokens (CNTs) emerging from the rapidly growing Cardano DeFi ecosystem.

Backed by both IOHK’s cFund and EMURGO, OccamX will empower Cardano users and CNT holders to get guaranteed access to the best priced swaps with minimal slippage, through an interface that’s simple and intuitive to use… and pretty cool looking, too!

We’ve worked hard the past few weeks not only on the OccamX backend shipping features such as our concurrency solution, but also on defining our front-end and supporting infrastructure such as roadmaps and graphic design. We’re excited to share our progress here.

The OccamX Roadmap

The first thing you’ll notice about our OccamX landing page is the release of our roadmap, a comprehensive look at the road ahead as we roll out the OccamX DEX over the next few months.

We’re rolling out OccamX in phases. Each phase of our roadmap is focused on a crucial area of development, from our initial launch phase, through to full production, partnerships and integrations, enhancing governance, and beyond — reaching the point where OccamX becomes a fully self-sufficient ecosystem governed by our token holders.

OccamX is already in phase 1, the OccamX Launch phase. In this phase, we’ll open up OCX accrual, already live through $OCC staking and delegating to our Cardano stake pool. You can read more about this here. Our next focus will be shipping OccamX to public beta, and once this has concluded, commissioning Plutus smart contract audits to ensure our code is secure.

The OccamX $OCX Dashboard & ISPO

Yesterday, we released the OccamX Dashboard for tracking OCX allocation and distribution from our Cardano stake pools. We’ve now included a handy link to this from our OccamX landing page so you can share it with your Cardano community friends!

You can read the full release here, but in a nutshell the newly released OCX distribution dashboard shows the current amount of OCX allocated across all ADA delegators, the total amount of ADA delegated to the pool, the OCX remaining to be allocated, the total number of delegators, and more.

Currently, there is one live stake pool with the ticker symbol ‘pOCC’, but more pools will come onboard as delegation increases and pool saturation is reached.

Meet Our Mascot — Occam the Monk!

Last but certainly not least, we’re introducing ‘Occam the Monk’, our mascot and namesake! The principle of Occam’s Razor was defined by William of Ockham, a 13th century friar from England who was the forefather of efficient reasoning and the principle of parsimony.

At Occam.fi, we took this to heart, looking for simplicity and usability in everything that we do. It’s the reason that OccamX will be a simple and intuitive yet incredibly powerful Cardano native token DEX, with the principle of Occam’s Razor at the core of its design.

Occam the Monk is going to join us on our journey of becoming the leading Cardano DEX. When you see him, remember that we will take simple approaches to solving complex problems for Cardano’s flourishing DeFi ecosystem, putting the user at the heart of everything we do.

To help him on his way, we’re hosting a creative competition. Make artwork, memes, or other creations focused on Occam for your chance to win! For more information on how to participate, keep an eye on our social media channels.

Don’t forget to follow Occam.fi and OccamX’s social media channels to stay up to date with the latest news:



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