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OccamX: $OCX Distribution Clarity

OccamX is building strong

Delaying with purpose!

Let’s start from our initial delay:

Why did we not clarify earlier, and wen $OCX!?

  1. During our discussions internally and with the community, our development team revealed that $OCX Staking was to become imminently available on the OccamX platform.
  2. A fairly obvious result of $OCX staking is lower selling pressure, and as this outcome would greatly mitigate some of the issues initially raised by the community, we made the decision to apply a second delay to the release of the $OCX token beyond the planned release date of the 23/09/2022, to after the release date of $OCX Staking!

Clarity for our community

  1. Google sheet detailing the complete Occam Community Campaign distribution of $OCX: OccamX Community Campaign — Sept 14, 2022 (Final)
  1. The following methods of acquiring $OCX will follow a 12-month linear vesting schedule that will begin in the days following the release of our $OCX Staking feature.
  1. The smart-contracts for the staking of $OCX are complete
  2. What remains to be done is the creation of a new page on the front-end application for the staking interface
  3. We therefore expect the delivery of $OCX staking within one month, and distribution of $OCX to begin shortly after that

Final thoughts from the team



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