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OccamX partners with Mai Finance

Occam the Monk’s journey continues

As we rejoin Occam the Monk’s quest for ultimate DeFi enlightenment, we find him wandering the mountain tops — braving the icy winds, and perilous goat tracks — so that when an opportunity for greater understanding arises, he may spot it from his lofty vantage point.

On this particularly peaceful day, as the cold wind prickled his skin and the only sound for miles around was his own laboured breathing — such an opportunity presented itself.

Occam felt alive, his very being lifted by the pure force of energy filling his soul… He knew this energy well: this was the vital, life-powering force known as Qi.

Mai Finance and the QiDao Protocol

Mai Finance is the portal through which users can gain access to the incredible QiDao lending protocol.

The essence of QiDao is providing the ability to borrow stablecoins against locked crypto assets. This allows users to spend the value of their crypto, without losing their crypto assets — enabling instant, trustless loans at 0% interest rates.

QiDao itself is entirely community-governed, decentralized, and trustless. QiDao offers what is known as an ‘overcollateralized’ stablecoin — this over-collateralization ensures the security and stability of the peg, and the protocol.

OccamX will be offering yield farming on the MAI/USDC pair — a high weight on the pool will allow our users to generate farming rewards from a pair of quality stablecoins, greatly mitigating the risk of impermanent loss.

But this partnership goes even further! QiDao has plans to deploy to the Milkomeda ecosystem, at which point our own OCX token will be available as an option for collateral within the QiDao protocol. We will be incentivizing brand-new users from QiDao into the Milkomeda and Cardano ecosystems through the use of collaborative marketing and strong farming opportunities.

OccamX will be hosting an AMA with Mai Finance — we will share the details shortly and look forward to seeing you all there!

Learn more about Mai Finance and QiDao

Website: https://www.mai.finance/

Documentation/FAQ: https://docs.mai.finance/

Discord: https://discord.gg/mQq55j65xJ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QiDaoProtocol

Telegram: https://t.me/QiDaoProtocol

Medium: https://0xlaozi.medium.com/

The OccamX team is thrilled with our new partnership with Mai Finance. As Occam the Monk’s journey continues to bear fruit, join the adventure on our discord channel below, and find DeFi enlightenment alongside him!

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