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Selection Methodology for Initial Decentralised Offerings on OccamRazer

The time has come for us to open the gates of our platform to help every project with a ground-breaking proposal for the Cardano community to raise the funds they need. These open gates, however, are equipped with a series of controls that prevent a flood of poor quality projects from getting through. We look to constantly add value to the Cardano ecosystem, and this includes providing a carefully curated flow of innovative projects to launch via OccamRazer.

So, before submitting your proposal for an IDO on OccamRazer, we urge you to be mindful of these central pillars that will make your project stand out from the rest:

Once you are sure that your project contains these characteristics, you already have the basis for a solid proposal . Next, you must ensure that your project fulfils all operational requirements:

How to apply

In order to apply for an IDO through OccamRazer, a detailed form must be completed with the information discussed above. Projects without thorough explanation on team backgrounds, tokenomics, whitepaper, and website won’t be considered.

Projects can find the form under the “Apply for IDO” section of our website.

The Selection Process

Projects will not automatically lose their opportunity to be selected because they lack one or some of the above pillars or operational requirements. But when competing with projects that do have them, the probability of being selected are diminished.

Shortlisted applications will be eligible for a grant from the Occam Association and, where applicable, assistance from our team to launch via the OccamRazer platform.

To achieve the best possible shortlist, our team will carry out meticulous research and due diligence both from the submitted application and external sources. We will take every precautionary step to ensure the project is solid so we minimise chances of hurting our community. If we have any specific concerns, we will contact team members in order to resolve them before arriving at a decision.

After the process is concluded with help from our expert panellists, we will set the date for an IDO, and help in any additional planning.

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About Occam.fi: The Occam.fi ecosystem is managed and maintained by the Occam Association, a Switzerland-based entity operating from the crypto-friendly Canton of Zug. When the Occam.fi ecosystem grows sufficiently, Occam.fi will be governed and steered by a carefully designed decentralized autonomous organization. Occam.fi is the first decentralized launchpad designed for the Cardano ecosystem, built with expertise and care from a veteran team of blockchain entrepreneurs and professionals. Learn more at www.occam.fi.



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