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Occam DAO x Humanode

Humanode is an ambitious layer one chain that has been in development for over two years, whose primary mantra and tech stack revolves around the unique concept of ‘One human, One vote, One node’.

The Humanode team are taking advantage of some of the most advanced biometric authentication available to provide consensus and sybil resistance in the form of both ‘proof-of-uniqueness’, and ‘proof-of-existence’ — with their system removing many of the centralisation-via-plutocracy issues that plague PoS and PoW networks. On the application level Humanode private biometric tech brings Sybil resistance to Identites inside DAOs, public goods, DeFi and Gamefi on any chain.

Following a wonderful introduction by their team on the Occam DAO Discord server, the Humanode team agreed to take part as the first participant in the new ‘Soapbox’ talk concept — a channel on Discord intended for project teams to present their ideas, technology, and themselves to the entire Occam DAO. If you were to head on over to the Soapbox channel now (located here) you would find the full session, and some incredibly valuable information on Humanode’s plans.

Following this session of questioning by the Occam ambassadors and the core DAO contributors, we just knew wehad found a potential gem of a partner; a brand new, high-quality, and above-all innovative layer one protocol which had multiple synergistic opportunities with the Occam DAO as an incubation and launch layer.

… and Humanode thought so, too! Their team published a detailed Occam Improvement Proposal shortly after that would firmly place the Occam DAO as a primary piece of Humanode’s infrastructure — providing Occam’s incubation and due-diligence services to early-stage projects launching on the chain.

Needless to say, this OIP has gone down well with the Occam DAO members!

Humanode OIP passes stake-based voting!

Humanode’s OIP passed the 50 ‘like’ threshold to move onto stake-based voting in short order, and progressed on to stake-based voting on where we have been gathering the DAO’s opinions for the last week.

Both the Occam DAO and Humanode teams are proud to announce that the stake-based vote has now passed! This awesome development allows us to move forward with the strategic partnership, giving the Occam DAO a new ecosystem to help build from the ground up, and the Humanode team their expertise and strength as an incubation layer for Humanode’s incredible network!

The Humanode team have built the foundations of a truly strong and innovative protocol, that we think fully deserves the kind of ecosystem growth afforded by utilizing the DAO as a primary incubation and launch layer. We can expect projects to be passing through our own governance layer, on their path to IDO in the near future; many of these projects — like their parent chain — will be uniquely innovative and take full advantage of Humanode’s biometric security focus, and they can’t wait to see what the community come up with.

Contributing to the Occam DAO’s Chakra Pool

As many of you may already be aware, the Occam DAO makes adding value for their members a priority in all their interactions, and in this vein, Humanode has pledged a substantial contribution to the Occam Chakra Pool.

What this means for their users is that when the $CHAKRA token goes live, it will do so with yet another amazing project backing its value in the form of Humanode’s $HMND governance token. $HMND will join the likes of Blueshift, CURL, and Symbiosis in their ever-diversifying Chakra liquidity pool.

The Chakra rewards token is shaping up to be one of the most impressive in the crypto space, and with its focus on tracking the value, innovation, and networking of the Occam DAO itself, we have no doubt that our users will enjoy the benefits of staking the $OCC governance token for years to come.

Interested users can buy and stake $OCC by navigating to the website.

Going the distance

This strategic partnership between the Occam DAO and Humanode promises to be beneficial for both teams and communities; right now we are committed to contributing to the rapid growth of Humanode’s nascent ecosystem, and bringing the full weight of their experience and expertise in the realm of project incubation and acceleration to bear for the benefit and growth of their community.

Our team was thrilled when Humanode ‘rocked-up’ into our Discord server, and we would invite any other team looking to work with us to do the same! It is seemingly small social connections like these that can end up leading to the most impressive long-term partnerships.

We encourage all Occam DAO members to head over to Humanode’s socials (listed at the bottom of this article), and any Humanode members who wish to take part in shaping the incubation pipeline of the network to join Occam’s Discord to get any of your questions answered.

Of course, this is just the start of their partnership, and there will no-doubt be far more opportunities for collaboration in the future — for now, the Occam dAO would simply say to the Humanode team, and their community: Welcome to the Occam family!

Want your project or foundation to become a part of the Occam DAO family? Get in touch today.

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